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Richard Pfleger did all the work for this family tree and has given permission for it to be posted here.

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Short Version

(The prevalence of Johanns and variants on the name had to do with the German Catholic naming patterns of the time period. The alteration between Hans, Johannes, Johann, and Jean had to do with the area changing hands between France and Germany with the political tides of the day.)

Hans Pfleger (born c. 1630) and Miss ? Christmann begat Hans Heinrich.

Hans Heinrich Pfleger (born c. 1650) and Anna Catherina Zapp begat Johannes Nikolaus.

Johannes Nikolaus Pfleger (born 1674) and Anna Christina Maue begat Johann Adam

Johann Adam Pfleger (born 1699) and Maria Christina Maue begat Johann Peter

Johann Peter Pfleger (born 1727) and Maria Elisabetha Goeddel begat Johannes

Johannes (born 1754) and Maria Catherina Braun begat Jean (Johannes)

Jean (Johannes) (born 1780) and Helena (Maria Magdalena) Lepla begat Jean (Johannes)

Jean (Johannes) (born 1810) and Katharina Walter begat Johann/John Pfleger

Johann/John Pfleger (born c. 1846) and Maria Grimm begat Henry Pfleger, Oscar Pfleger, Lou Pfleger, Dell Pfleger and Irene Pfleger.

Detailed Family Tree

(as compiled by Richard Pfleger)

Notes: Heimkirchen means Home Church. Neiderkirchen means New Church. It is not known if these are the dwelling places or simply where the baptisms occurred. The surname Christmann appears in generations I and II and generation VIII of the Franz Pfleger branch of the line. The surname Goeddel appears in generations V and VI. The surname Grimm appears in generations IX and X-Franz line (Johann Pfleger's wife, Maria Grimm and her brother, Ludwig/Louis Grimm). The surname Leppla appears twice in generation VI. The surname Maue appears in generations III and IV. The surname Mueller appears in generations III and VI. The surname Reuss appears in generations II and IV. The surname Wachdorf appears twice within generation IX. The surname Walter/Walther appears in generations V, VI, VII and VIII and generation VII of the Franz Pfleger branch of the tree. The surname Zapp appears in generations II, VI and VII).

Generation I

Hans Pfleger born c. 1630, possibly Heimkirchen

spouse: Miss Christmann

known children (birth order speculative): Hans (unknown middle name), Simon, Hans Heinrich

Generation II

Hans Heinrich Pfleger born c. 1650, died 10-18-1714 in Holbornerhof

married in Erfenbach in 1672 to Anna Catharina Zapp (born in Sienhachenbach, died 9-9-1725 Holbornerhof)

children: Johannes Nikolaus born 12-17-1674 in Niederkirchen, died 5-16-1748 Holbornerhof (see next gen for further info); Elisabetha Margaretha born 12-21-1677 Holbornerhof and married 6-19-1695 to Hans Jacob Christmann; Maria Catharine born 9-4-1681 Holbornerhof, married Johannes Weber; Johann Heinrich born 11-30-1684 Holbornerhof, died 8-17-1840 Niederkirchen, married Maria Eva Reuss; Anna Magdalena born 11-25-1689 Holbornerhof, married 11-24-1711 to Hans Peter Maue.

Generation III

Johannes Nikolaus Pfleger born 12-17-1674 Neiderkirchen, died 5-6-1748 Holbornerhof

married 1699 (hmm, compare to birth of 1st child) to Anna Christina Maue, born c. 1675, died 4-4-1723

children: Johann Adam born 6-25-1699 to 12-17-1742 Holbornerhof (see next gen); Anna Catharina born 11-5-1703 Holbornerhof, married Johann Mueller, born in Pfeiffermuehle; Maria Elisabetha born 3-23-1705 Holbornerhof; Johann Caspar born 1-26-1708 Holbornerhof; Maria Apollonia born 4-26-1711 Holbornherhof, married 1-8-1737 to Peter Kirschner born Heiligenmoschel; Elisabetha Maragaretha born 8-18-1714, died 3-13-1717 Holbornerhof; Maria Magdalena born 2-2-1717 died 3-13-1718 Holbornherhof

Generation IV

Johann Adam Pfleger born 6-25-1699, died12-17-1742 Holbornerhof

married 11-24-1722 Heimkirchen to Maria Christina Maue, born c. 1700 Heimkirchen, died 2-1-1785

children: Johann Heinrich 4-3-1724 to 9-22-1748 Holbornerhof, married in Holbornerhof 5-18-1745 to Maria Margaretha Edinger; Johann Peter 10-9-1727 Holbornerhof (see next gen for details); Johann Adam 4-3-1733 Holbornerhof to 5-5-1767 Heimkirchen married 7-3-1759 Heimkirchen to Maria Elisabetha Reuss; Maria Catharina born 6-20-1736 Holbornerhof, married 6-24-1755 to Peter Gunther born in Muechweiler; Johannes born 1-25-1739 Holbornerhof; Maria Christina 2-3-1742 to 5-18-1742

Generation V

Johann Peter Pfleger born 10-9-1727 Holbornerhof, died 2-3-1811 Heimkirchen

married 9-22-1750 to Maria Elisabetha Goeddel born 9-19-1727 Woesbach, died 8-15-1783 Holbornerhof

children (note the mortality rate among these children): Maria Christina 7-24-1751 to 12-5-1751 Holb.; Johann Adam 7-9-1752 to 2-29-1760 Holb.; Johannes born 1-14-1754 (see next gen for details); Johann Peter born 7-6-1755 Holb, died 6-9-1760 Heimkirchen; Maria Christina 4-9-1756 to 4-23-1758 Holb.; Maria Elizabeth born 10-3-1757 Holb., married in Kuefer Kleinkarlbach 8-22-1775 to Johann Philipp Kohl; Franz Adam born 1-17-1759 Holb.; Johann Christoph born 9-9-1766 Holb, died 6-6-1821 Heimkirchen, married 2-8-1790 to Maria Elisabetha Walter, 2nd marriage 12-22-1816 to Barbara Kissel

Generation VI

 Johannes Pfleger born 1-14-1754 to 6-4-1818 Holbornerhof

marriage 1: 1-2-1776 in Heimkirchen to Maria Catharina Braun, born 1-4-1752 in Wolfstein, died 2-12-1814 Holb. (First 7 children are hers). Maria Catharina daughter of Jacob Braun and Anna Catharine Goeddel

marriage 2: Maria Christina Scherer, born 1-10-1787 Rossbach (last two children are hers)

children: Maria Katharina, died 1-25-1841, married 3-27-1808 to Jean Francois/Franz Walther; Anna Gertraud born 10-10-1778 Holb., died 11-2-1818 Oberweiler/Tief, m1-Adam Mueller, m2-Georg Leppla, m3 (on 10-4-1798)-Johann Peter Leppla; Jean (Johannes) born 12-5-1780 (see next gen. for details); Philipp born 9-21-1782 Holb, died 3-2-1863 married 4-17-1806 Heimkirchen to Anna Maria Mueller; Anna Catharine born 9-5-1786 Holb., died 2-24-1847 Wolfstein, married 2-17-1803 Wolfstein to Baecker Joh. Peter Koehler; Maria Magdalena born 1789 married 10-9-1808 to Charles Philippe Carl; Elisabetha Margaretha born 6-14-1799 married Jacob Zapp; Elisabeth Pfleger (by m2) born 12-18-1816 Holb.; Karolina (by m2) born 6-5-1818 Holbornerhof

Generation VII

Jean (Johannes) Pfleger born 12-5-1780 died 2-22-1836 Holbornerhof

married 5-24-1802 Heilgenhoschel to Helena (Maria Magdalena) Leppla, born 11-15-1782 in Oberweiler/Tief., died 5-28-1825 Holbornerhof. Helena daughter of Georg Leppla and Susanna Scheidt

children: Helene born 12-18-1803 Neiderkirchen, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria); Helene born 9-23-1805 Heiligenmoschel, Pfalz, Bayern; Jean (Johannes) born 7-13-1810, Holbornerhof, Pfalz, Bayern (see next gen for details); Francois (Franz) born 5-9-1812 Neiderkirchen, Otterberg, Pflaz, Bayern, died 7-16-1874 Wickelhof, married 5-27-1839 Woersbach to Karolina Walter (this is the line from which Rosina Pfleger Grimm descends. To follow this line, click here: Franz); Charles (Karl) born 12-11-1813 Heimkirchen, died 4-27-1867 Wickelhof, married 3-20-1836 Heimkirchen to Anna Maria Walther; Magdalena 6-4-1814 Holbornerhof to 2-3-1874 Sulzhof, married 4-25-1837 to Walter Franz; Elisabetha born 11-1-1817 Neiderkirchen, Otterberg, Pfalz, married 10-11-1840 to Johannes Walther; Dorothea born 9-20-1819 Holbornerhof died 9-24-1880 Heimkirchen, married 10-17-1841 to Franz Walther II;  Adam born 5-10-1821 Holbornerhof died 3-16-1868 Holb. married 7-11-1844 to Katharina Zapp; Peter born 2-1-1823 Heimkirchen

Generation VIII

Jean (Johannes) Pfleger born 7-13-1810 Holbornerhof, Pflaz, Bayern, died 2-24-1881 Schallodenbach

1st marriage 3-17-1840 to Helena Walter born 9-1809 Heimkirchen died 1-15-1841 Holbornerhof (her one child died the same year she did)

2nd marriage: 6-25-1842 Heimkirchen to Katharina Walter, born 6-1-824  Heimkirchen died 4-20-1891 Holz/Saar (kids 2 to 11 are hers)

children: Walter Karl (by Helena) born & died 1841; Katharina born 11-15-1842 Holb.; Karl born 3-10-1844, Holb; Johann born 1845 died 1846, Holbornerhof; Johannes born 5-13-1847 (see next gen for details); Franz Pfleger born c. 1849 died 4-1-1880 Jackson Michigan; Elizabeth born 1850 and died 1854, Holbornerhof; August born 8-1852 Holb., died 6-14-1873 Schallodenbach; Peter born 5-7-1854 Holb.; Lena Pfleger Philipp born c. 1860 Schallodenbach?, married August Philipp 4-3-1884 in Jackson, Michigan; Elisabetha born 4-29-1856 Schallodenbach, died 4-27-1929 Holz/Saar married Phillip Schaeffer on 2-22-1877 in Heusweiler/Saar

Generation IX

Johannes/John Pfleger born 5-13-1847 according to German records (born 1846 by his tombstone), died 1-10-1912 in Chicago

married 11-26-1876 in Jackson, Michigan to Maria Grimm, daughter of Frank Grimm and Katerina Lukner

children: Henry Pfleger, Lou Pfleger, Oscar Pfleger, Dell Pfleger (Wachdorf), Irene Pfleger (Wachdorf)


Franz Pfleger's line (incl. descendents of Rose Pfleger Grimm Weren)

Generation VIII (Gen I to VII as above in full tree)

Francois (Franz Pfleger) born 5-9-1812 Neiderkirchen, Otterberg, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria) died 7-16-1874 Wickelhof

married 5-27-1839 Woersbach to Karolina Walter, born 1-11-1817 Neiderkirchen, died 2-18-1864 Wickelhof

children: Anna Maria born 1-2-1839 Amoshof, died 10-15-1926 Wicklehof, married 9-11-1857 to Heinrich Christmann; Johann born 5-15-1841 Wickelhof (see next gen for details); Katharina born 12-7-1842Wickelhof, married 1840 in Kreimbach to Wilhelm Gehm; Karl born 10-30-1844 Wicklehof; Dorothea born 11-27-1846; Magdalena born 9-18-1850; Christoph born 1-7-1853; Elisabeth born 4-29-1856 Wickelhof; Gustav born 3-23-1858 Wickelhof; Helena born 10-10-1859 Wickelhof

Generation IX

Johann Pfleger born 5-15-1841 Wickelhof

married Anna Margaretha Zinsmeister

childred: Karoline born 1-19-1867 Wickelhof;  Rosina born 1-18-1868 (see next gen for details); August 11-14-1868 Wickelhof; Franz 12-18-1871 Wickelhof; Johanna born 1-14-1873 Wickelhof; Elisabeth born 4-1-1875 Wickelhof; Mina born 9-25-1877 Wickelhof; Franz born 11-15-1880 Wickelhof

Generation X

Rosina Pfleger born 1-18-1868 died 2-21-1935 Chicago

marriage 1: Ludwig/Louis Grimm, son of Frank Grimm and Katerina Lukner Grimm

marriage 2: Charles F. Weren

children: Hilda Grimm Diver Forney 4-7-1891 to 8-17-1991, Louis Grimm Jr. 12-11-1892 to 10-14-1933; Hazel Weren born c. 1896, Henrietta Weren Callahan Doyle born 1895 or 1898, Charles F. Weren Jr. born c. 1902