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Henrietta is referred to in letters, though I have none that she wrote. Two are quoted below. As I get more transcribed, I will add links. For now, her daughters are referred to in the following letter: 9-23-1932 Viola. Henrietta and husband George mentioned in letters 1956 Aug 1 Irene; 1956 Aug 31 Irene, 1956 Sept 22 Irene; 1957 April 11

Henrietta Weren Callahan Doyle

born 1895



 -Hilda Grimm

 -Louis Grimm Jr.

 -Hazel Weren

 -Charles Weren Jr.



George F. Doyle

2-14-1884 to 4-16-1958

(of her 1st husband, nothing is known but the surname Callahan)






  George Jr.

  (all deceased)




Charles Weren


 Rosina/Rose Pfleger Grimm

(widow of Louis Grimm)

spouse's parents:

Peter Doyle


Mary McHugh


maternal grandparents:

Johann Pfleger & Anna Maria Zinsmeister


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:

(all in Germany):

1867-Karoline; 1868-August; 1871 Franz; 1873-Johanna; 1875-Elisabeth; 1877-Mina; 1880-Franz


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2nd gallery beneath first of Book and Piano shots. Click on image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

Henrietta, I think

compare to girl in book and piano shots, below

printed on same paper, same size as shots of Louis and Hilda (their mother's boarder was a photographer)

Henrietta, I think. Next photo is Hilda, I think, looks like same day

Hilda I think, compare to previous shot of Henrietta, I think

mass card for her 2nd husband, George Doyle

George Doyle's death certificate

Hand painted china signed H. Weren, could be Hazel but most likely Henrietta

The painted side

mass card for her son, George Doyle Jr.

Book and Piano shots

Hilda, I think, not looking her best--note the outfit

same outfit, at the piano with a book

same outfit, note the piano cover

book and piano--is this Rosina, Hilda's mother?

Is this Henrietta? Book and piano, and looks like Hilda's previous photo top of the piano far right edge

same piano cover, and the book again. The style looks older. Might this be Rosina as a girl? Or perhaps a Weren relative? Hazel Weren? Unknown.

Irene Pfleger Wachdorf's daughter, Dolores, said as a girl she was often given hand-me-down clothes that had belonged to Henrietta's daughters. She hated it, because the clothes were too big. She would say, "Boy, I'd like to have something new," to which her mother would reply, "But Aunt Henrietta afforded the best. We couldn't afford this quality." But it was better quality than her friends were wearing, so she hated it.

8-1-1956: letter from Irene Wachdorf in California to her children in Chicago says, "We are expecting Hilda and Emmet and Henrietta and George here in September..." but then on 9-22-1956 she writes, "We have been looking for Hilda and the rest of them to get here but so far we haven't even heard from them. I got a card from Henrietta yesterday with her new address in Park Ridge but nary a word did she write."

Regarding the painted china plate (once in the possession of Irene Pfleger Wachdorf) signed H. Weren: in a card from June 2007 Hilda's niece said that she thought Henrietta painted the china, "that was not Hildy's forte..."

Hilda's second husband, George Doyle, is buried at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside IL, as is Henrietta's half sister, Hilda.

Connection: her mother's cousin was John Pfleger, whose daughters married Wachdorfs. Also her half-sister & brother were children of Louis Grimm, thus cousins of Irene Pfleger Wachdorf and Dell Pfleger Wachdorf.