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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

people mentioned besides husband Ed Wachdorf and son Larry:

daughter Dolores, son-in-law Les, and grandkids B**, J** and P**

Geralda = Geralda Gotsch, childhood friend from Chicago

Geralda's niece = don't know

the kiddies = don't know

Janet King & daughter Marcia = California neighbors

Francis = son Frank/Bunky

Sis = late daughter Irene "Sis" Wachdorf Heagberg, died in 1939

Christine = Christine Wagner Safarik Stang (eventually Wachdorf), friend of their late daughter

Danny = son of Christine Wagner and Dan Stang

Mr. Wagner = Frank Wagner, father of Christine & Florence

Florence Wagner = Florence Wagner Lynch, sister of Chris

Johnny = John Lynch, husband of Florence Wagner

Marie Terese = newborn daughter of Florence Wagner & John Lynch

Henrietta & George = her cousin Henrietta Grimm Weren Callahan Doyle & husband George Doyle

Louis & Catherine = her brother Louis Pfleger & his daughter Catherine Pfleger Seaman


Note: references to God fitting the back to the burden--Dolores feared she was pregnant again, and too soon.


Lawndale Aug 31 --56


Dear Les, Dolores + family;


    There isn't anything we appreciate quite so much as talking to one of our family so you know how much we enjoyed talking to you--it's always a big thrill.

    Geralda was still here but she left the next day for Wenatchee, Wash. to visit with her niece--she was here a week--we picked her up at the airport, Larry and I, at 3 o'clock in the morning on the 2nd of Aug and she left on the 9th. Needless to say we were out sightseeing every day that she was here, even on Sunday--I think + hope she enjoyed her visit here as we really tried to show her as much of Calif as possible.

    We also enjoyed having the kiddies here immensely, seemed like a morgue after they left. Janet King our neighbor across the street said she would send her daughter Marcia about 5 over with a drum to help dispel the gloom around here. Having them here was like a little bit of heaven sent from home--never a dull moment--will tell you about some of their cute tricks when we come home next year. They were really funny.

    You know neither we or the kids knew they had to leave so suddenly, we had anticipated taking them to Mexico as soon as Geralda arrived but Francis said by that time the convention would be on and he wouldn't be able to pick them up and he promised their parents he would pick them up and bring them home so that was it and they had to go home.

    Anyway when they found out on Thurs (Francis came in on Friday about 5 P.M. + left with them on Sat. at 4 P.M.) that they had to leave for home on Sat they immediately set out on a shipping expedition as they had quite a few more souvenirs and gifts they had to buy--and they even bought Ed + I a very beautiful gold vase for us to put our roses in when we pick them and also a real nice leather bookmark for Larry which we certainly didn't expect and which we thought was very thoughtful of those four youngsters and Larry did too.

    Well the Sunday after Geralda left we were very pleasantly surprised at meeting Christine Wagner, her son Danny + Mr. Wagner at church, oh yes Florence Wagner's husband was there too and informed us that Flo had a baby girl the Wed before (Marie Terese) after ten years of marriage thanks to St. Gerard and that we were invited to the christening on the 19th of Aug. Well we went and had a very nice time meeting quite a few folks from Chgo but none that we knew--we then invited them all over to our house the following Tuesday, that is Florence + Johnnie (her husband), Mr. Wagner, Chris + Danny for supper but Mr. Wagner came about 10:30 in the morning as Dad picked him up. He wanted to help Dad work a few jigsaw puzzles which they did sitting out on the patio all day except taking time out for lunch. We had a real nice visit as Chris + the rest of them came over a little after one and as we didn't have dinner until 6:30 we really had a real chance at visiting and going over old times and looking at old pictures some of them of Chris + Sis too--which brought back many sad memories too, but it's always nice to see old friends and neighbors from Chgo.

    Well dears that's enough about our vacationists so now I want to thank you very much for the picture of the boys, they look wonderful but where are B**'s curls, and why not just even a snapshot of P***, she'll be growing so much we won't even know her when we see her next year so just a snap shot would do and why not one of all of you, we would really appreciate that a lot.

    No one around here seems to believe that B** is only three--he certainly looks like a little man and a very good looking one at that--J** too as everyone says looks like a real little mischief with that cute little twinkle in his eyes.

    So Dolores you and Les have a very wonderful family and if God should bless you with another one it wouldn't be too bad as it could be another girl and that would give P** a sister which would be wonderful for her and you too. Anyway, you know how God fits the back to the burden and he won't send you anymore than you can take care of. He himself fell three times under his own burden and always picked Himself up and kept going--so even if the going will be hard you'll certainly manage with God's help and I'm sure He will give it to you.

    I hope Dolores + I'm praying for it too that you + Les will be able to find a nice place to buy soon as I too hope you won't have to stay where you are for another three years--are you planning on staying in Des Plaines or are you looking in and around some of the other suburbs close by? Henrietta + George just bought a home in Park Ridge close to where Uncle Louis + Catherine live. Is that very far from where you are? And when you look around if you ever get close to their house visit them. I'll give you their address at the bottom of this letter.

    Well darling I've written about all the news I know--so far--we are all well and hope you are all the same so hoping to hear from you soon. I am as ever with lots of love + kisses your ever loving + devoted


Sorry I didn't get to write to you as I said I would but I had quite a siege with my head for a while after Geralda left, am fine now.

Uncle Louis' address is:

Louis Pfleger + Catherine Seaman

100 Talcott ROad

Park Ridge Ill. Ta5-1774


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