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Contents of page include: photographs and paper trail (ship's register, Jackson Michigan directory, children's births) with a little oral history mixed in.

Ludwig "Louis" Grimm

c. 1858 to c. 1892



 1850-Maria Grimm Pfleger

 c.1852-Peter Grimm

 Kate Grimm (Endres)


Louis, brother Peter and sister Maria all left Katzenbach, Germany for Jackson, Michigan in the US. Both Peter & Louis were butchers in Jackson, Michigan (and Maria's husband moved to Chicago and became a butcher there). Louis also moved to Chicago.





Rosina Pfleger

1-18-1868 to 2-21-1935

(she remarried after Louis' death

to Charles Weren)



  1891-Hilda Grimm

  1892-Louis Grimm Jr.


Hilda was born in Chicago but Louis was born in Michigan. Oral history said that Rose retreated to family in Michigan after Louis' death, which would mean he died in the nine months before Louis Jr. was born.


After Louis' death, Rose remarried and had three more children



Frank Grimm


 Katerina Lukner

spouse's parents:

Johann Pfleger (born 5-15-1841 Wickelhof) &

Anna Margaretha Zinsmeister


Louis' wife was the cousin

of his brother-in-law

(his sister Maria's husband,

Johann/John Pfleger)



Because he arrived in the US too late for the 1880 census, the 1890 census was destroyed, and he was dead before the 1900 census, Louis left very little paper trail.


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from left: Father Frank Grimm, brother Peter, sister Maria, sister Kate, Ludwig/Louis, mother Katerina Lukner Grimm

same photo, color balanced to try to make it easier to see (original very very faded)

Louis Grimm and Rosina Pfleger Grimm, photo loaned by their granddaughter.

Louis Grimm to the left of his brother Peter (Peter is the X) in front of Peter's butchershop in Jackson, Michigan

Paper Trail:

4-8-1887 the ship Noordland arrived in NY from Antwerp, Belgium, carrying a Ludwig Grimm, listed as 29 years old, a farmer. His place of origin is listed as Katzenbach (Maria Grimm Pfleger's death certificate puts her parents' birthplace as Katzenbach, and she told her children that was where the Grimms came from) and his destination is listed as Jackson, Michigan (where his sister and her husband, among others, were already living). Sounds like a very strong possibility that the Noordland's Ludwig Grimm is this family's Louis Grimm. A note: oral tradition said that he came over on the same boat as his wife, when he was 17 and she was 12. It's possible that this isn't the first trans-Atlantic trip for Louis, but Rose is nowhere aboard the Noordland. She listed her immigration year as 1881.

The 1888 Jackson, Michigan directory had a listing for Louis Grimm on 510 E. Main, occupation: Meat Market, boards at same. The 1888 directory also lists John Pflager (his brother-in-law John Pfleger spelled his name Pflager in the 1880 census), occupation: butcher, "business name: Louis Grimm," 510 E. Main.

The 1890 Jackson, Michigan directory had a listing for Ludwig Grimm, occupation: butcher, business name: C. Weber, location: 510 E. Main. (John and Frederick Weber were the partners of Louis' brother, Peter Grimm).

The photo of him with Rose was taken on Halsted St., Chicago. His daughter, Hilda, was born 4-7-1891 in Illinois. His son Louis was born in Dec. 1892 in Michigan, and oral tradition says that Louis Sr. died before his son was born (and his wife retreated to relatives in Michigan to have Louis Jr.). Oral history says he died of TB, but that may be a garbling of facts, since Louis Jr. died of TB.

The 1890 census was unfortunately destroyed. He arrived after the 1880 and was dead before the 1900. I have no idea where he was buried, and the name is too common to find him, so I'm at a dead end for finding out more about Louis Grimm Sr.

Connection: Louis' niece (by his sister, Maria Grimm Pfleger) was Irene Pfleger Wachdorf