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Frank Grimm

apparently lived in Ohio c. 1850 but returned to Germany

(got his first name from his daughter Maria's 1924 death certificate)

died in Katzenbach Germany



  nothing is known of the Grimm family except what can be seen in the photo, and that both their son Peter and daughter Maria said they were born in Canal Dover, Ohio (or neighboring Bakerville) yet were also from Katzenbach. On his 1902 passport application to make a return trip to Germany, son Peter put that his father "was" a naturalized citizen, of Canal Dover, but Peter's wife was from Katzenbach.





Katerina Lukener

(not verified)




1850-Maria Grimm Pfleger

c.1852-Peter Grimm

c.1858-Louis Grimm

Kate Grimm (Endres)

Only Kate remained in Germany. Peter, Maria & Louis all moved to Jackson, Michigan. Maria & husband Johann/John Pfleger moved to Chicago, as did Louis & wife Rosina Pfleger.




spouse's parents:







maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

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Frank Grimm

Katerina Lukner Grimm

Grimm family in Germany: Father Frank, Peter, Kate, Maria, Louis, mother Katerina Lukner Grimm. Original very very faded

Peter Grimm, I think (tin type)

Peter Grimm, I think, German cartes de visites style photo

back of previous photo

Maria Grimm Pfleger, born 11-1850 (note identical rail in portrait of Kate, below)

the writing on the back of previous photo

Ludwig "Louis" Grimm and wife Rosina Pfleger Grimm

Kate Grimm Endres c. 1870-80 (name also reported as Endree)

label on photo of Kate Grimm Endres

Connection: Frank's granddaughter (via daughter Maria Grimm Pfleger) was Irene Pfleger Wachdorf