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Hilda is mentioned in the following letters: 9-23-1932 Viola; 10-21-1932 Irene; 11-25-1932 Irene; 1953 Dec 14; 1954 Jan 5; 1954 Apr 18; 1955 Oct 6 Irene; 1956 Aug 1 Irene; 1956 Sept 22 Irene; her heart trouble spoken & move spoken of 1962 April Irene; letter written to her 1964 Apr 30 Irene; briefly mentioned 12-8-1967 Irene (more to be added) and she herself wrote 2-19-1967 Hilda & 1968 Apr 6 Hilda (both transcribed on this page).


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Hildegarde Katherine "Hilda" Grimm

4-7-1891 to 8-17-1991



  -Louis Grimm Jr.


  -Hazel Weren


  -Henrietta Weren Callahan



  -Charles Weren Jr.


Hilda's father died just before her brother, Louis was born. He spent most of his childhood being raised by his aunt, Maria Grimm Pfleger. There were hard feelings between Hilda and her half-sister, Henrietta.


first to Guy Forney

(divorced due to his drinking)

then to Emmet Diver

then to sober Guy Forney again



 She had no children of her own, though one of the daughters of her half-sister, Henrietta, was a great favorite of hers.


Hilda was regarded as a sister by her cousin, Irene Pfleger (daughter of Hilda's aunt Maria Grimm Pfleger and Hilda's mother's cousin, John Pfleger).




Louis Grimm


 Rosina/Rose Pfleger

(she remarried to Charles Weren)

spouse's parents:



maternal grandparents:

Franz Pfleger & Anna Margareta Zinsmeister

paternal grandparents:

Frank Grimm & Katerina Lukner


maternal aunts & uncles (all in Germany):

1867-Karoline; 1868-August; 1871 Franz; 1873-Johanna; 1875-Elisabeth; 1877-Mina; 1880-Franz


paternal aunts & uncles:

1850-Maria Grimm Pfleger & John; c.1852-Peter Grimm & Kittie (in Jackson, MI); Kate Grimm (Endres) (in Germany). His aunt Maria's husband John Pfleger was his mother's cousin.


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Second group of photos at book and piano shots. Click image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

St. Martin school photo. Harry labeled Hilda as far left but I think she's 4 from left, standing. Irene Pfleger far right in feathered hat

maybe Hilda, back stamped: Ho Ho Photo Gallery

1905 wedding of Henry Pfleger and Louise Lift. 6 women in white behind bride to edge of shot. 6th=Dell (far right), 5=Irene, Hilda maybe 2 or 4.

maybe Hilda

Hilda far left. Front row #2 from left Irene Pfleger, then Lou Pfleger, bride Gert Bornhofen Pleger. Behind Irene is Dell Pfleger.

same occasion, different pose

maybe Hilda?

1-6-1934 at wedding of her nephew. Next photo is same shot with everyone labeled

same shot. Hilda is #37, Rosina is #43.

same occasion, less blurry shot

J. Emmet Diver

Hilda's mass card 1991 (100 years old)

Book and Piano shots

Hilda, I think, not looking her best--note the outfit

same outfit, at the piano with a book

same outfit, note the piano cover

book and piano--is this Rosina, Hilda's mother?

Is this Henrietta? Book and piano, and looks like Hilda's previous photo top of the piano far right edge

same piano cover, and the book again. The style looks older. Might this be Rosina as a girl? Or perhaps a Weren relative? Hazel Weren? Unknown.

Paper Trail & oral history

Hilda was born in 1891. Her brother was born in Dec. 1892. Oral history was that her father, Louis Grimm Sr., died (possibly of TB) before Louis was born and her mother retreated to Jackson, Michigan, where other members of her family resided (John and Mary Pfleger). The census information for 1900 and 1910 represents Hilda's mother married to her stepfather from before Hilda's birth or before Louis', and the number of children born excludes her brother Louis in 1900 and 1910. As soon as Charles Weren is out of the picture, however, things slide back into line with the facts.

Hilda was regarded as a sister by her cousin Irene Pfleger (Wachdorf) and may have been raised at least partially in the Pfleger household (her brother Louis was raised by the Pflegers). Irene was always trying to smooth the bumpy relationship between Hilda and her half-sister, Henrietta. Hilda first married Guy Forney, but he drank, so she divorced him. The story is that he sobered up, and thereafter every year on her birthday sent her flowers, even after she had remarried, to Emmet Diver. When Emmett died of diabetic complications (gangrenous foot), Guy stepped back in, and they remarried. Mom also recalls the Hilda was crazy about Henrietta's daughter Bernadine (who died).

Card June 2007 from Hilda's niece, daughter of her brother Louis: Henrietta painted the china...that was not "Hildy's" forte, but she was a great lady. Also Hildy said Hazel was retarded. Don't know why Aunt Irene's family raised my Dad...

1900 census, Chicago, Butler St. (renting):

Charles "Warren" born Nov. 1850 in PA of German parents (watch for this to change), married 10 years (!!), occupation: finisher.

Wife Rosa, born Jan. 1865 (death certificate says 1868) in Germany, married 10 years (!!), mother of three of whom three are living (it's only three if you don't count Louis, which she apparently doesn't).

daughter Hilda, born April 1891 in IL (and it says her father was from PA, which matches Charles, not Louis)

daughter Hazel born Dec. 1896 in Illinois

daughter Henrietta born Jan/June 1898

boarder Leo Dortch

(Louis Jr. is with the Pfleger's in this census, listed as born Dec. 1893 in Michigan, nephew--that 1893 becomes 1892 on all other records).


1910 census, Chicago, Prairie Ave. (renting):

Charles B. Weren, 54, married 18 years (!!), born in Germany, naturalized in 1866, occupation: finisher in furniture industry.

Wife Rosa K., 41 (yet ten years ago she was 35), immigrated 1881, married 18 years (!!), mother of four of whom four are living (again, it should be five, counting Louis).

daughter Hilda K.17, operator for telephone office

Hazel M., 14

Henrietta A., 11

Charles, 8.

(Louis is again with the Pflegers, nephew, 18, single, stockman in dry goods store).

11-24-1912 Hilda Grimm (listed as Grimm, not Weren, which implies her stepfather may have died before this point, or perhaps she was always Hilda Grimm, except to the census taker) was named godmother of  Irene Hildegarde Wachdorf, daughter of her cousin Irene Pfleger Wachdorf. (Christening took place in St. Martin Church, 59th and Princeton, and the godfather was Hilda's cousin, Irene's brother, Oscar Pfleger.

4-11-1914 Indiana marriage record in Lake County for Guy V. Forney and Hildegarde Grimm (note that Lake County is the home of Crown Point, Indiana, where Pflegers were known to slide off to get married, either because it didn't require a blood test or it didn't require parental consent. Hilda's cousin Irene Pfleger got married in Crown Point in 1909.)

1917 draft registration Louis Grimm listed a home address matching her mother's in the 1920 and 1930 census, which implies Charles Weren is gone by 1917. Rose keeps the name Weren. Hilda kept Grimm.

Her first husband's draft registration: Guy V. Forney born 6-20-1889 in Peru Indiana, current address: Walnut, IL. Physician. Support wife and mother. Tall, medium build, blue eyes, light brown hair.

1920 census, Chicago, Indiana Ave (transcribed as "Wesaw"):

Rose Weren, 51, widowed, immigrated 1880, naturalized 1885, no profession

Daughter Hazel Weren, 24, for some reason listed this time as born in Missouri, no profession

Daughter Henrietta Weren, 21, born in Illinois, cashier for grocery co.

Son Chas. Weren, 18, born IL, marker for St-- Co. (Steel? Stock?)

Son Louis Grimm, 27, born MI, bill clerk for express company

Son-in-law Guy Forney, 30, born IN of father from PA and mother from IN, occupation: medical examiner for st-- RR (first word not legible, by the way, he signed the death certificate for Maria Grimm Pfleger, Rose's sister-in-law)

daughter Hilda Forney, 29, born IL, supervisor for telephone co.

(Also two boarders, Benjamin and Alfred Drufuchock, 33 and 30, one a chauffeur but the other a print maker for a portrait company, which might explain all the informal photos of this family. (Looks like Louis could not come to live with his mother and sisters until Charles Weren Sr. was out of the picture.)


1925 National Guard registry: Guy V. Forney born 6-20-1889 Captain in 108 Medical Regiment, 123 Ambulance Company, Chicago.


1930 census, Chicago, Indiana Ave. (transcribed as "Warren" again):

Rose Weren, age 62, immigrated 1881.

Daughter Hilda C. "Farney" age 37, married at 23 (but Guy is not in the house), supervisor for telephone co.

Daughter Henrietta Calahan, age 32, (back to being born in IL), married (doesn't give age at marriage), copy writer in advertising industry.

Granddaughter Marilyn Calahan, 4

granddaughter "Burnadine" Calahan, 6 (both born in IL).


9-23-1932 letter written by Viola Marek (Fries) to her friend, Irene "Sis" Wachdorf (daughter of Hilda's cousin Irene Pfleger Wachdorf) about a visit to the Wachdorf house: "Your Aunt Hilda and two little girls were there for dinner too and we had the nicest meal, with individual banana cream pies (I thought of you many times during the eating of mine)...I like your aunt Hilda a lot." The two little girls were probably Hilda's nieces, Bernadine and Marilyn, daughters of Henrietta. 

10-21-1932 letter written by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter: "I think we will bring them (warm winter clothes) a week from next Sunday and bring Aunt Rose and Hilda along at the same time, as you know Aunt Rose couldn't come after it got too cold as she has never been quite the same since she had the yellow jaundice."

Irene Pfleger Wachdorf's daughter had on her calendar that Emmett's birthday was March 2nd.

8-1-1956: letter from Irene Wachdorf in California to her children in Chicago says, "We are expecting Hilda and Emmet and Henrietta and George here in September..." but then on 9-22-1956 she writes, "We have been looking for Hilda and the rest of them to get here but so far we haven't even heard from them. I got a card from Henrietta yesterday with her new address in Park Ridge but nary a word did she write."

2-19-1967 from Hilda to Irene's daughter, Dolores

Dear Folks!

    Hope you are settled in your new home and have adjusted to the change. Returned from Florida not double but single. Don't think I would like to live there the year round. My rent has been increased to $175 per month. Apartments are hard to find. Maybe it would be a good idea to marry my persistent suitor. He does have a nice home and financially well taken care of. Say a prayer that I get an apartment. No doubt you heard the good news, Charlotte, Eva and Arthur are in California to help your dear Mom to celebrate her birthday. When you talk with your Mom on the 22nd you will get the full report. Friday Justina called with the good news that Paul has been awarded a $1000 scholarship. I know you're proud of your nephew. Margaret has been bowling and is getting back to normal (hope it is permanent). Want to get this in the 8:00 PM pickup, so all for now.

Much love to all,

Aunt Hilda



Thanks for birthday greeting. Bad luck has followed me to Florida. Guy has recovered from his operation but on March 30th had a heart attack. He thinks he feels well enough to return home but Doctor says he must remain in hospital and relax. My sister-in-laws were my guests for month of March. Like a family reunion having company from Chicago. After I regain my composure will drop your dear Mom a few lines

    Hope you and family are well

Much love,

Aunt Hilda

(NOTE: Guy died in April of the following year)


 Both Hilda and George Doyle (Henrietta's husband) are buried at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, IL.



From the census 1880-1910 his father was Daniel Forney, a butcher from Indiana who was born in IL Feb 1836 and his mother was Daniel's 2nd wife, Amanda, born in Indiana Dec 1856 (Daniel's first wife was Elisabeth).


In 1910 Guy and his older brother Daniel were living in Chicago in the household of their married sister, Grace, with her husband John McIntyre and their daughter, Jean. John McIntyre was a bookkeeper, Daniel Forney an optician, and Guy was listed as a farmer.


1925 National Guard registry: Guy V. Forney born 6-20-1889 Captain in 108 Medical Regiment, 123 Ambulance Company, Chicago.


1930 census he is in Maywood Village, Proviso township, Cook County, still listed as married but the only other person in the house is lodger Laura M. Walter, a 34 year old unemployed divorcee. His profession is physician, Edward J. Hines Hospital.


3-30-1968 letter from Hilda speaks of Guy in hospital "recovered from operation" but had a heart attack.


Social Security Death Index: Guy V. Forney born 6-20-1889 (number issued in MD, hmm) and died in St. Petersburg FL April 1969



Keeping in mind that his birthday was marked on the calendar as March 2...


1900 Chicago census, Ward 20, Center Street

James Diver, age 36, born Nov 1863 in Ireland of parents born in Ireland, married 8 years, janitor

wife Mary, age 32, born March 1868 in IL, father born Ireland, mother NY. Married 8 years, mother of three, all living

son Frank, age 6, born July 1893 in IL

son Emmet, are 5, born March 1895 in IL

daughter Mary, age 3, born Jan 1897 in IL

nephew Joseph McBarty, age 14, born Aug 1885 in IL of parents born in Ireland, occupation: "coffee cleaner."


1910 census (still on Center Street) adds sister Irene K born c.1901 and calls his brother Frank "James F" and Emmet himself is "John E." His father's profession is given as brick layer. His mother is no longer mother of three, three living, but mother of five, four living. James Frank's profession is salesman--market, and Emmet's profession is clerk--department store.


Draft registration WWI: John Emmet Diver, born March 2, 1895 in Chicago, residing in Chicago (can't read street name). Occupation: clerk for Marshall Field and Co on 219 W. Adams. Of medium build and medium height with brown eyes and black hair.


1920 census adds that Emmet's father immigrated in 1880 and was naturalized in 1884 (might have misread--blurry ink). His brother James F is a clerk--newspaper. John E (Emmet) is clerk--gas co.  His sister Mary is (illegible) operator--railroad and sister Katherine (Irene K) is stenographer--illegible.


1930 census, Chicago, Janssen Avenue has Emmet J. Diver as the head of a household consisting of only him and his widowed father. Emmet is a Salesman for a glass company and his father is foreman of an office building (and specifies he is from Northern Ireland).


Social Security Death Index: John Diver, born March 2, 1895 and died Jan. 1965. Number issued in Ohio? Might not be right guy.

Connection: Hilda's cousin was Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, daughter of her father's sister Maria Grimm Pfleger (and Hilda's mother was the daughter of a cousin of Irene's father)