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transcribed from typewritten original

On WJJD Palmer House letterhead,

Preprinted WJJD envelope with V. Marek typed in

postmark 9-23


Dearest Irene,

I wonít have time to write much of a letter, but Iíll just have to get a couple of lines off to you.


I suppose youíll get the big letter and I had a hand in that one last night too. I had the nicest time at your home last night. I went out to Evanston to fit my wedding gown (itís ivory satin with long tight sleeves and a train) and then from there I went out to your house and Ed and Dick met me at the ďLĒ. Your Aunt Hilda and two little girls were there for dinner too and we had the nicest meal, with individual banana cream pies (I thought of you many times during the eating of mine). Then your brother drove me over to Marieís to get a dress of hers (sheís going to a party with me tonightóa shower on Caroline (Celís sister-in-law, because she and Harold were married August 30). Your family were all home and we all had such a nice visit together. Weíre all planning on all coming up October 16th, Marie and Milt and my mother and maybe Marieís mother, so be looking for us.


I read all of your letters and judging by your letters and pictures you are very happy thereówhich is as it should be. Your pictures are just darling and your mother gave Marie and me each one of you alone. You look so at home in your habit.


Iím so busy getting ready to be married and everything that if I donít write very often just now youíll have to excuse me. Iíll tell you plenty when I see you which will make up for lost time.


Marie is still out in Aurora but I donít know how long it will last. We have a great time together, although Iím in Chicago all day and donít see so much of her.


I like your Aunt Hilda a lot. As usual Iím in a hurry so I guess Iíll have to stop. Itís time for me to go to lunch and I have to look at some things today. Everything at home is fine and everything at your home seems to be better than ever. I think it did your dad a whole lot of good to see you up at Milwaukee Labor Day and heís just changed so much and they all seemed so happy.


I just know youíll succeed with your music. I said a special prayer for you last night from you own little bed at home and that ought to help a lot. Donít worry about writing to me, Iíll read your letters to your folks.


Oceans of love,



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