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Chris Wagner, in the 1930s a friend of Sis, would eventually become the second wife of her brother, Ed Jr after his first wife, Marge, died of cancer. The letters written 1958-1969 from Sis' parents in California (before Chris became Ed Jr's 2nd wife) refer to Florence Wagner (Lynch) and Chris and her father as they continued to stay in touch. The 1920 and 1930 census show Chris' family as father Frank born c. 1885 in IL, parents German, steam fitter. Mother Anna born c. 1887 in Germany. Sister Frances, born c. 1909 IL. Brother John born c. 1911 IL. Then Christina, born c. 1913. Brother Philip born c. 1916. Sister Florence born c. 1923. Brother Frank Jr. born c. 1925. Reba/Reda? (girl) born c. 1927.



Return address: C. Wagner, 6939 N 29th Pl, Berwyn, IL

Postmark 9-29


Berwyn, Illinois

September 28, 1932


Dear Irene:

It may take me a long time to get started writing, but when I do, you canít stop me. Iím very sorry I didnít get a chance to write to you sooner, but, ďbetter late than never.Ē


To begin with, I hope youíre not homesick or anything like that. From the news I heard from your mother, I judge you like your new home. I was very glad to hear that.


Last Tuesday, Jerry and I were out to see your mother and as soon as I came in the douse, your dad put me to work on the merry-go-round letter. Gosh, it was terrible writing on that. And after I was finished writing he told me to read it all. I could just imagine seeing you read that after it was all finished.


News from Home:--

John is back from California. The day I was laid off, my dad was told that they wanted John to come back to work (Wasnít that keen?) So he found out where John was staying and sent him a telegram telling him to come home. He wired back saying heíd be home in a week. So heís back to work now and Iím home. I donít like being home all day. I prefer working on the outside, but where can I get work now.


Florence and Junior are back to school, in the new school, and they sure do like it. I imagine they like only to be in the new school, because they never say anything about their lessons.


As far as the health of all of us is concernedómy dad has a cold (slight), and everyone else is O.K. except myself. I was in bed most of the afternoon with a headache and a cold, but I had to get up to go to church. Ií making the novena to the Little Flower and believe it or not, Iím going to church every morning and receiving Holy Communion.


Iím sorry I caní write any more, but I donít want to be late for church. Iíll try with all my might to persuade the folks to let me have the car to come up to see you the next visiting day.


With love,



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