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Key to those mentioned besides wife Irene and son Larry:

Art, Larry=their sons

Betty = unknown

Bosco = nickname of Dolores' son

Clara Howorka = friend of his wife Irene

Frank & Millie = neighbors, surname Vrzak

Hilda = Hilda Grimm Diver, his wife's cousin

Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of his wife's brother Henry

Peanuts = Wilbur Schuch, friend of his sons (his photo on this page: letters 1953)

Wachdorf girls: maybe Ruth & Leona, his nieces by his late brother Joe, but possibly his unmarried sisters, Mae & Madge (all four lived together)




Lawndale Calif

Dec. 14th 1953


Dear Dolores, Les, and might as well say ďBoscoĒ


        What a long time it takes for your letters to come. Got one today and it was dated 12/6/53. Eight days, itís simply awful the time it takes. Better check up on your dates and that wonít make Uncle Sam look too bad, when itís you.

            You should know plenty by now as Larry has been back a week to pass along the gossip. He should be on his way back before you get this letter. Itís so wonderful out here that me thinks Larry liked it just as much. For instance today is in the 90s and you can walk around in your shirt sleeves. Saturday I sprinkled all day with just a sweater on over my shirt. No hat at all unless I go to church.

            Mom and I drove to Redondo Beach Friday to get some fresh fish for supper. We had our dinner on the pier at a fairly nice restaurant. Mom had fried shrimps, clam chowder, French fries, salad and coffee while I had a half of lobster. Bought some filet of sole to take home.

            It was plenty foggy all that day with a terrific dust storm overtaking the surrounding towns. Our patio was filthy with dust and even some in the house. My car, you could write your name on the hood. By the way, just had the car all tuned up, new breaks, automatic transmission fluid, oil and grease, point and condenser, wheel pack etc. $43.00 by Frank.

            While at the pier you can feed the seals and if you donít, you should hear them bark for food. Mom enjoyed that and also the walk out on the pier and over the ocean.

            Mom had her first wash day last Wednesday, using the Laundromat and she said it was swell. We had to borrow an ironing board from Millie to finish off the job. Carried the wash out to the lines on newspapers as we had no basket of any kind.

            Still have a front and side lawn full of rose bushes in full bloom, Calla lilies in yard in full bloom and many other flowers. Has Peanuts had the pictures developed to date? Then you can see for yourself how nice the flowers and the house is. Too bad he did not bring along his flash-lite apparatus as you would have been able to see the inside also. Itís everything we cracked it up to be and then some. Mom said she could be content the remainder of her life in a place like this of her own. The way itís laid out and the lady really had nice taste in procuring her furnishings. We also have a phone now as we agreed to pay part of bill if she left it in, which is now the plan. Osborne 6-7333.

            While I am writing this, Mom is writing to Louise, Hilda and Betty. Also has to answer Clara Howorka and the Wachdorf girlsí letters. You see we have been hitting the jackpot on mail as nearly every day we hear from someone. All except Art. Wonder if we are checked off his list? Itís like a tonic to get the letters. Everyone that can write mails us a letter so the mailman really knows who lives here now.

            The weather, I could write on and on about how nice it is. Once in a while it is a little chilly, but never cold and always sunshine. I lay out on the Chaise Lounge, taking a sun bath or loaf in a lounging chair on the lawn. Thatís when we are not working jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles. We have a paper delivered every afternoon (call Mirror) so we can read all about Chicago weather and compare notes. Kids run the streets in sun suits and no one wears  a coat nearly all the time. It sure is California.

            Now you are the recipient of two letters and so are we, so keep Ďem coming and Iíll reply with plenty of

Love and kisses

Mom and Dad

3845 W. 154th St. Lawndale Calif

Phone Osborne 6-7333


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