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Key to those mentioned besides his wife and son Larry:

Bosco = grandson


Frank & Millie = neighbors, surname Vrzak

Peanuts = Wilbur Schuch, friend of his sons (his photo on this page: letters 1953)




Lawndale Calif

Dec 16th 1953


Dear Dolores, Les and Bosco,


You are on top of the list so far with writing to us and do we appreciate it. Mom fairly dances with joy when she opens the mailbox and especially finds a letter from you. We have been fairly fortunate in receiving mail as every day is almost a daily trip for the mailman.

            Mom and I are overjoyed with our new television. By the way, Larry arrived about 5:30 PM Monday night, tired and hungry but none the worse for wear and tear. We had the set working the same night on the floor, so the next day we went up town and Larry bought us a revolving table. Now we are deluxe with a set. This is Wed. and we are waiting for a tune up man to arrive and adjust the set so we can get all places and a clear picture. Out here we have 7 stations to take a pick from so we have a slight advantage over Chicago and suburbs.

            The weather is superb, in fact Xtra great. Every day it is in the 70s or 80s and sunshiny nearly all the day. In the morning it has a small haze but no smog, and at night it’s like shutting off the heat, as it really turns cold pronto. Larry went golfing today “Wed” with just a light sweater, no coat or hat. All I wear is a sweater all day and sometimes I leave that off. Your Mom as usual runs around in her dress only. She can take it, she tells me.

            Today she is out in the yard hanging up wash. It dries awful fast and she replaces it again with more wet wash on the line. She has no wash basket so she sets her wash out on newspapers and hangs if up from the ground. She thinks the Laundromat is wonderful and fast, also a time saver and plenty labor saver.

            Part of our flowers are still blooming and buds appear daily while some have done their duty and are now resting, such as the Mums. Roses, Calla Lilies, Camelias, Poinsettas, Geranium, Carnations and some other flowers are still in bloom.

            Has Peanuts had the pictures developed or got any prints back? He sent the colored ones to be developed from here so he should get results shortly. If only we could see them also, but he took some movies that only you folks can see as we have no facilities out here to see them. I took a roll of plain pictures that I have in the shop now for developing. In fact they are ready to pick up now, so we might drive out still and pick them up. If they turn out alright, might mail some home later. That writing “home” just then struck me funny.

            Too bad you don’t have automatic gas heat like we have. We turn it on in the evening just to make in nice and comfortable, then shut it down when we go to bed as it heats up too much if you don’t. During the day we let old man Sol do the heating for us and he keeps us plenty warm.

            We expect to be home from noon on Christmas day as we are having Millie and Frank over to dine with us for about a five o’clock feast. Dumbbell us left our Xmas cards back there and we can’t find them anywhere. We had some which we mailed out and used up. Holy pictures for the balance. I mailed out about 40 cards today so as to get them out in time.

            As I sit here and write, can see the mountains very plain today. Some days they seem a little smoky. We are surrounded by a chain of small mountains which are miles away but seem so close.

            I know I am forgetting some things but next time they will still be news. As Mom would say, “Toodle Oo.”


With all our love

Mom and Dad


Osborne 6-7333. Our address first and last number added equals the second number which double the third number or 3845 W. 154th St.

            Have you located Bosco’s stroller yet or do you still carry him? Better buy him gloves for your spring visit out here. That way he can’t pick all our beautiful flowers, then he can also box me or I’ll box him.


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