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Bunk & Jinny = son Frank who worked for TWA & daughter-in-law

Dolores = daughter

Emmet & Hilda = Hilda Grimm Diver Forney, cousin of Irene, & husband

Larry = son

Millie = Millie Vrzak, neighbor

replaced name of grandson with "Bunk's 2nd son"

Butch= granddaughter Rose, d/o Ed Wachdorf & Marge Kary Wachdorf



says at top "Written to Bunk & Jinny" and at bottom "CC Dolores"


Easter Sunday Apr. 18th 1954


Dear Ones:

        Received our passes and were very happy, as this is our ticket for admission to the old home town and the home team. In fact after a second look at the ducats, I notice it's for the grand seats, right in front where we can see and hear all.

        Also got your letter which was also very welcome and timely. You being such a swell monitor, we again have Dolores back to her usual and pleasantlightening communications. Notice how good this typewriter is at spacing, phooey. She not only wrote, but phoned us on her birthday, which completely bowled us over. No need to tell you how it stood with your Mom, as the tonic worked miracles. She don't talk to herself all day anymore as in a daze, muttering I wonder what's wrong with Dolores.

        Now if the invalid neighbor, Millie, were up and around again, the whole world would again seem rosy, like the garden.

        If you could see the premises now with the open conservatory, you would be electrified. No wonder we feel so thrilled with its appearance. People go by and silently admire the spectacle of gorgeous flowers. The roses especially are just beyond description. The colors, well it's best described by the spectrum, only more diffused. The cactus bed is in full bloom with radiance that warms the heart. The colors are so different than the other flowers that the contrast is immediately noticeable. That's part of the sparkle on this showplace that attracts even motorists going by and tempts people to photograph the splendor, breath-taking extravaganza.

        In the yard we have calla lilies so tall and majestic that their arrogance shames the other blooms. In fact Mom threatened to take an armful to church for the Easter decorations and adornment for the altars. I had my fishing knife all ready to disassociate some blooms from their plant when suddenly I thought, with lilies so plentiful out here in gardens, let's presume that others might have similar ideas and check with the Padre. Mom called the padre and was thanked profusely and was also informed that they had at present enough lilies to decorate altars in two more churches. Now our lilies can well hold their heads aloft again as Easter is here and went, so to speak like Poncho in Cisco Kid, let's went. As we got to church we fully realized what the priest meant. The altars were almost entirely masked with lilies with the sides banked with vases of lilies. They had them placed so they stated at the top and flared out into a giant Christmas tree effect like this [little sketch like 11 lollipops in an Xmas tree shape included] as an artist Pulitzer should look me up as I know this would command attention or should I see a psychiatrist first and see if can get by with this.

        The weather today is on the gloomy side, no sun and we had an early fog. In fact Larry worked all night as the airport was closed and he was transferred to Burbank where the planes were taking off and landing. This was the second day for this, which means Larry works from 2 P.M. until 6 A.M. one day and 7:30 A.M. the other day. This morning he had to be pushed, as he left his lights on all night by mistake.

        Getting back to the yard, the blackberry vines should be loaded. The blossoms are so numerous that it resembles a cherry tree in bloom. By that token, the berries will be so dick, that we should harvest a bumper crop [he said "dick"]. The carnations have been blooming ever since we got here and also the geraniums. The camelias are also in full bloom with bright colored flowers that are different than others in that they look waxy and glossy and shaped like a rose.

        Now you are up on the garden so here goes for our vacation. We intend to delay the trip until the 3rd of May which is on a Monday. Mom was invited to attend the first communion of Bunk's 2nd son on the 15th of the month so in order to squeeze in this pleasure, that's the way we have to plan it. This will lave us take in the wedding of Butch, visit with Emmet and Hilda, stay a few days at each one's home and then be on our way back here to see if our little Larry has dishes stacked to the ceiling, empty cans and coke bottles strewn all over, and dirty clothes and overalls piled up in the laundry cabinet. What a dismal picture to anticipate. That's probably unjust to get him that high up on the cross. We all know him and his neatness. He evidently will have the floors cleaned and waxed, dishes sparkling, clothes all clean and ironed, bottles stacked in a tidy manner and cans all hauled away, via the Ford, to some forlorn prairie, grass moved and sprinkled and flowers cultivated. Mom, please hand that needle, I have worn off that last shot. As Larry would sing, And Casey was hit, with a bucket of plaster, and Mom would yell, Larry that's not what I expect to hear as he would hesitate before saying plaster. Now keep your fingers crossed so nothing interferes with our plans and until then we send all our love,


Mom, Dad and Larry


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