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Frank = Frank Vrzak, neighbor

Millie = Millie Vrzak, neighbor

refers to Millie's mother but gives no name



April 23rd, 1954

4 copies of this typed as shown on bottom of letter


Dear Ones:

        Just a quickie to keep you posted. Everything here in a turmoil. Millie passed away suddenly Thursday afternoon at about 2:15 PM. Frank drove her to the Doctor's place which is a miniature hospital as she was having some bad spasms, but conscious of what was going on. After Frank left her to go to work, they put her in an oxygen tent but she failed to rally. They then put her in an ambulance and were rushing her off to a hospital to have a specialist examine her, but she did not make it, dying en route.

        Mom and Frank are out at present to see a lot in the cemetery and at the Mortuary, completing arrangement started last night. Also they are having an autopsy by the coroner to determine what caused death. Her doctor said he don't even know what to put down as the cause. Something stinks. In the first place we find out now that he was not an M.D. but a D.O. or osteopath, but not until after her death. Even the doctor says this was the strangest case he had handled and was confused that it happened so suddenly. Will have to explain it later when we arrive ourselves.

        Frank is a wreck and we have ours hands full, keeping him pacified. Her Mother is also just as bad. She has been stayed at Millie's for the last week, trying to give Mom a little badly needed rest. Even I am confused as you can see by this letter. Just typing to get it on its way, regardless of mistakes and wording. Just think if we had not postponed our trip until May 3rd, what a mess this would have been. She will be buried Monday and that would have been our day of departure. What fate. No one gave a thought to the seriousness of her plight, not even Millie herself, much less Frank. This doctor was called Monday night to come out as Millie had passed out in the bathroom, but he just don't make calls. He advised Frank to bring her in Tuesday morning for a check-up, with the results capitulated above.

        As Frank has no one to turn to out here, we are handling almost everything and giving advice to him, although a direct neighbor of his came in on the picture last night and was real co-operative. This was appreciated as we cannot shoulder the whole responsibility as we feel this this way, someone else is agreeing with us, Frank is useless. Today some of the neighbors came in to see what they could do to help which kinda feels good as she was nor forsaken by all.

        Frank and Mom and her mother just now returned at 12:30 noon. As I want to get this letter on its way before 1:30 PM pick up time I'll scoot through in rather a hurry. our plans are to leave here on Monday May 3rd on the first plane we can get on in the morning, providing we're lucky, which should bring us to the Airport sometime before dark probably. Anyway, that should be a little better news than I have been able to write in this letter. Keep up the chin and we will do the same. Also keep the home first burning and the gardens blooming.


Love to all,

Mom--Dad--& Larry


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