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Irene in gloves, and Edward

Irene, Edward and son Frank (Bunky)

TWA = There's Wachdorfs Away


Dick = Dick Heagberg, once married to Irene "Sis" Wachdorf who died in 1939, since remarried to Millie

Florence Wagner = Florence Wagner Lynch, sister of the late Sis Wachdorf's friend Christine Wagner

Frank = not sure if it's reference to son Bunky, or neighbor Frank Vrzak

Larry = son

Violet in Sherman Oaks = Probably Viola Marek Fries, another old friend of Sis


(Blurry carbon with notation at top that it was sent to Ed, Art, Harry, Jerry, Frank, Dolores & Dick.)


Dear Ones:


        Just so everyone will know at the same time, it seems like we are back in the groove again out in gloomy California. We got in 5 o'clock our time a little early, even though we took a complete circle around Grand Canyon, of course with the pilot's permission. It sure is a great sight from above and over with all its color and formations.

        The pilot was good, as whenever we got into a bumpy region he would increase the speed until we were buzzing through the skies, and don't forget the clouds. When God made this world he built plenty of blue sky and almost as many clouds. We did not see earth after leaving Chicago until we got to Omaha. From there on in we went through patches of openings, always above the clouds and what beautiful formations. We flew over Colorado Springs but as the clouds were so dick [he said dick--that's twice in letters so far he's said dick instead of thick] over north end, we could not see Pike Pk. We saw plenty snow capped mountains all along the entire chain of the rockies.

        But that stinker pilot always had us up so high that we could not even see the flies on the camels flying over the Mohave Desert. Once in a while we would see a silver flash down on the road which was plainly visible. We surmised the flash was a car going around a curve with the sun doing the rest. Might say visibility was not too bad as we neared California.

        Also, as we neared the wonderful T/W/A, meaning There's Wachdorfs Away, girls were serving that famous T/W/A meal and what a treat. Shrimp cocktail with Ummm sauce, salad with another Ummm sauce, steak and potatoes, roll and butter, beans, coffee, apple pie with a separately wrapped triangle of cheese. This was served over the Grand Canyon, should say as were flying over the Grand Canyon.

        New we are arriving over L.A. and another sight to see. The big sprawling city below and us looking for a place to set the plane down, but we had no apprehension about that as we know Larry did, because as we stepped off, there he was with that look on his face of, ah, here's where I eat again. But as usual Mom asked him a few questions, maybe one too many, and we got that usual retort, never had that trouble when you were away. As he opened the door at home he said don't be surprised now. The first smell told us why. Seems like garbage don't improve with age, and dishes look obnoxious when not sparkling, and the sink should be empty and not stacked. We soon had doors open and also windows down.

        We were unpacking when Florence Wagner was pounding at the door, wondering how long we were back and she was anxious to find out what her Mother and Dad had to say. We told her we still had our clothes on as we had no time to disrobe and was she surprised. Mom rolled off to the market and soon had a nice juicy steak sizzling for Larry which he proceeded to carve all out of shape. After that I layed down as I was tired and sleepy. Some time later I heard your Mom yapping to Larry about Frank so I got up to undress. Sure enough she was over there relating the whole story to them, just as if she had not seen them for ages.

        She was up early and went to mass and soon I was up and also Larry. I had breakfast about 10:30 and then sat down to get this letter on the way to alleviate anxiety. Also note it's a carbon copy letter, going to the whole clan. I said at the outset, gloomy California. It sure is, all clouded up but nice and comfy as far as temperature is concerned. Mom said it's been that way since we left, so neighbors have said, so I guess Chicago was not so bad after all. Still trying to shake my cold. Mom wants to go to Violet's house at Sherman Oaks today and get some advice about real estate out here. It's twelve o'clock now so you see what's going to happen to the progress of this letter. It must be like the little jew, cut short. Will have more to say after we have time to fully explore the place later.

        The roses don't look too good in some places, and in some places they're abundantly prolific. Landlady was here and cleaned out some of the inner plants and some porch furniture as Mom noticed.

        Larry just advised me to lay low on boasting the T/W/A as he has another line to highly recommend. He must of had a slight suspicion that I might mention T/W/A even though he does not know what I have been saying, what a master mind that guy has. Have not told him as yet that he is badly needed back there for some repair work as well as hauling cinders around as I just would not appreciate a howl this early in the morning. Thought I was through away up on this page, but now I know I am, so,


with love to all of you from all of us

Mom, Dad & Larry


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