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Dolores = her daughter

Larry = her son

Les = her son-in-law

Viola = probably Viola Marek Fries, an old friend of her late daughter Irene "Sis" Wachdorf Heagberg


NOTE: She switches from pen to pencil in the middle of the line that ends "darn these papermate pens."

NOTE ALSO: "I know you thought you were pregnant" in PS--baby was born January 1955.


Lawndale, June 3 - 54


My dear Dolores-


        Once again darling you have me so worried I can hardly sleep. I keep thinking of nothing else but that you must be sick.

        I would have written sooner to take the anxiety off my mind but as you know we are either going to buy this house or find something else and in the meantime we are just going here and there looking at new houses being built or old ones that are for sale. Yesterday we went to North Hollywood to look at a house Viola called me about. It is about 30 miles or more from here somewhere near Burbank but the place was terrible compared to the one we have here. I just love this place and hope Dad will make up his mind to buy it. Say a prayer or two so we get it (darn these papermate pens).

        I am not supposed to tell you or anyone else this but Larry is coming to Chicago on the 6th of July and staying until the 19th. Don't tell anyone else. He asked for this leave and a pass to Minneapolis. That's as far as he can go on Western Air Lines this year as he has only been there 6 months and he is pretty sure he will get it.

        Well, dearie, I want to get this in the mail within the next 10 minutes so I'll have to close now with loads of love and kisses from all of us to all of you. I am as ever,


Your loving and worried



PS Dolores I know you thought you were pregnant before we left and so I thought maybe you weren't feeling too good and that might be the reason you haven't written. We haven't done anything dearie to hurt your feelings of Les's have we? Give my little grandson a great big kiss from me and hope you are all well. Say hello to Les.



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