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Letter from Hilda Grimm Diver Forney to Dolores Wachdorf


People mentioned include:

Charlotte, Eva and Arthur: the wife, mother-in-law and son of Dolores' brother Jerry Wachdorf

Justina & Paul: the wife and son of Dolores' brother Harry Wachdorf

Margaret: the wife of Dolores' brother Edward Wachdorf Jr.

your dear Mom: Dolores' mother Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


Note that Marge Wachdorf, mentioned at the end of the letter, died June 5, 1967.




Dear Folks!

    Hope you are settled in your new home and have adjusted to the change. Returned from Florida not double but single. Don't think I would like to live there the year round. My rent has been increased to $175 per month. Apartments are hard to find.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to marry my persistent suitor. He does have a nice home and financially well taken care of. Say a prayer that I get an apartment.

    No doubt you heard the good news, Charlotte, Eva and Arthur are in California to help your dear Mom to celebrate her birthday. When you talk with your Mom on the 22nd you will get the full report.

    Friday Justina called with the good news that Paul has been awarded a $1000 scholarship. I know you're proud of your nephew.

    Margaret has been bowling and is getting back to normal (hope it is permanent).

    Want to get this in the 8:00 PM pickup, so all for now.


Much love to all,

Aunt Hilda


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