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By Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


people mentioned besides husband Ed Wachdorf and son Larry:

Margaret = daughter-in-law Margaret Kary Wachdorf, wife of son Edward Jr

Jinnie & Francis = daughter-in-law Virginia Rose Wachdorf, wife of son Francis/Frank/Bunky

Harry = son

name of grandson removed

Hilda & Emmet = her cousin Hilda Grimm Diver Forney & husband Emmet Diver

Murf = Mrs. O'hare (possibly Mary?) or O'hara, a friend


Lawndale -- Oct 6 --55


Dear Dolores, Les + boys:

    Well here we are back in Calif again + what a lonesome feeling it is being so far away from all those we feel are so near + dear to us, but we still have the memories of having been with you all for a while at least + what a nice time we had being with you all again + how happy I felt being able to see my new grandsons (+ great granddaughter too), they really are dears  + all look so healthy + strong--only wish you dearie would put on a little weight as I'm sure you could stand it especially with the new baby coming on, be sure and take good care of yourself.

    I hope you have gotten rid of that cold you had while we were in Chgo and Les + B*** have gotten over theirs too. Does your wash machine work alright now and does Les still have to on trips. I'm glad you don't worry too much about being alone while Les is gone as I'm sure those trips will mean a lot to him later on in experience + everything else too.

    Didn't we have a nice time at Margaret's, only sorry Jinnie + Francis couldn't have been there. I hope Harry will have them talk on the tape recorder too before Francis brings it out. Larry met us at the airport + the first thing he asked was where is the recorder. Well after he looked over all our luggage he wasn't surprised that we didn't bring it.

    He must have been pretty lonesome while we were gone because he even had his dishes all washed up + said he also washed out some shorts while we were gone, of course he didn't do much about the outside while we were gone except cut the grass as dad has been sprinkling every day almost since we got back trying to make the grass look green again + also trying to get ahead of the weeds that sprung up while we were gone.

    He is gradually getting over his cough + cold he said he got in Chgo + is feeling pretty good now. I too was sick after we got back spent all day Wed in bed and didn't feel too good the rest of the week, however I'm feeling fine now + have caught up with all my washing + ironing + housecleaning + only have my mending left to catch up on.

    Well darlings as I don't know any more news to tell you I'll say toodle oo for now with lots of love + kisses from all to all I am as ever

Your loving + devoted


Thanks darling for the wonderful days we spent at your house + for having Hilda, Emmet + Murf there too and the delicious suppers we had there too, dad really enjoyed his red cabbage + Thuringers immensely + his shrimp creole too told me I could make it for him too on Fridays. Wish I were in Chgo all the time so I could help you with your work sometimes, think + pray for you always Love



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