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By Edward Wachdorf Sr

carbon of typed letter with "Dolores" written at top by hand and at bottom, "I know you deserve a separate one + I won't forget."

Reference to "that machine," probably about Harry's tape recorder mentioned in Irene's last letter 1955 Oct 6 Irene


Note: I have no idea if K.C.8's is a typo of K.C.'s, or if the 8 is supposed to be in there.


Oct. 13th 1955


Dear Ones;

    Yesterday being Columbus Day, we had a unique celebration at our church which I hasten to mention as it was quite ceremonious, at least Mom and I thought so, that is why I am writing about it. They announced Sunday at mass that the fourth degree Knights of Columbus would celebrate the day and demonstrate at our church in the evening, performing as a human rosary. This I had to see, especially since it was the K.C.8s.

    Mom and I got there early so as to get reserved seats for nix. It was also the night for a regular novena to the miraculous medal, so we really got our free show, known as a double feature.

    Soon there was a rustle as they were forming outside, then a crescendo of commotion as they started to march in, led by the priest with one altar boy with the cross, followed by two more with candles, then the first bedecked Knight with a flowing cape in scarlet colors, plumed hat, sword and good intentions. The first one was dressed up, followed by three Knights in regular garb of street clothes, then another dressed up, followed by ten Knights, then another dressed up and so on to represent the rosary. Each one carried a candle unlit.

    They took their places surrounding the interior of the church with the crosses, the five beads, the medal in the center and the balance of the rosary circled around the side aisles.

    The priest took to the pulpit and the services started with him reciting the apostle creed, followed by the first Knight representing the our father who recited out loud the first part and the congregation saying the last part. In the meantime an altar boy with a lit taper who lit the candle held by the first Knight praying and so on until the first decade was completed. First let me explain all was in darkness so as to make the scene more splendid and reverent.

    Then the priest would pray the glory be and announce the next mystery and the Knight would pick up the prayer with the our father and so on until the entire rosary was completed and each bead was represented by a lit candle held by the Knight.

    As this was a new experience and the first I had ever seen or heard of in the K.C.8's, thought I would remind my brother Knights of how we do things in California, nothing but the best, both for God and the country. If you like the idea, pass it along in the council and see if they ever heard about it.

    Being in the mood for extraordinary events, I was instrumental in the next thrill or should I maybe say catastrophe. I have a habit of letting the hose connected to the house faucet which allows the hose to stretch across the walk, a damn fool stunt. So yesterday morning I was sitting in the car at the curb, waiting rather impatiently for Mom to go shopping. The big goof wanting to show me how fast she could go started doing hand springs, somersaults and dives through the gate. As soon as I saw her sprawled on the walk, I wondered how I left her off so easy, but I was at her side in a jiffy, lifting her to her feet, only to find she had left a few inches of skin on the cement walk. One hand bleeding, two knees skinned and lacerated, two nylons ruined and Mom's disposition undescribable.

    So when Larry came home Mom was looking Sympathy, but from the wrong source. She hiked up her skirt to show off her knees to Larry, while he turned to me and said, was that all you did? Just then I saved him from your Mom's fury by tucking him under my mighty arm for protection while he smilingly looked on. See how the men folk stick together.

    While I am on that subject, some of the men folks back there better emulate that by getting that machine and record out here before he kicks the heck out of Mom for not bringing it back with her.

    Mom is feeling and looking better after a few  weeks resting and back to her diet. Larry makes her toe the mark on that score or he tears off her apron strings or ties them up in knots. You ought to hear Mom scream Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry stop that while she tries to get her blood to boil. Too bad she lost so much she cannot even get it hot, the poor anemic.

    It's been rather gloomy out here lately with HAZE and not SMOG. The temperature is O.K. and if the sun should get through it would be real California tropical weather. At least I get a break crawling around in the garden, pulling weeds and pruning hedges, thinning out plants and planting some new ones. Now putting in some Poinsetta to be in bloom before Christmas.

    Once more we wish to express our appreciation for the hospitality shown by all. We are more than anxious to reciprocate any time and want to extend our ever welcome invitation to all of you. Be sure to come early and stay long. If we have forgotten anything, be sure to mention it so we can write it the next time and in the meantime, so long with

Love from all of us

Mom. Dad and Larry.


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