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By Edward Wachdorf Sr with a paragraph by Larry


people mentioned besides his wife Irene Pfleger Wachdorf and son Larry:

Henery = his son/Larry's brother Harry Wachdorf

Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, his wife's sister-in-law, widow of her brother Henry Pfleger

name of granddaughter removed, replaced with "Ed's eldest"

Bob = her husband

B*** = grandson by daughter Dolores


Lawndale 11/26/55


Dear Ones,

    I think you are positively right. It's time you should get some response to your many letters and we know how anxiety creeps in to annoy ones waiting.

    [this paragraph in Larry's scrawl] Why don't you just creep along w/ anxiety over to Henery's and listen to the tape we made. Even me. I'm the one who sings--good. What is this, by the way, this little trick ending of yours on letters. Every year the list of names grows one longer, but the question mark at the end remains constant (L. Oscar's 1 1/2 cent worth). [Note that his comment about the question mark at the end may be a reference to his sister being pregnant again.]

    [back to Edward Sr's handwriting] I neaked into the bathroom + that's what happens. Larry takes over for a very few lines. Since he mentioned our tape completed on both sides with one side completely or thereabouts usurped by your Mom, Larry + I had to be content with the other half. You will find it the best.

    Today Sat 26th is one great big gorgeous day with sky as clear as the blue and just about as warm. Louise keeps the garden clean of flowers. Every room in the house has a glass or something filled with flowers, some even with lovely geraniums. She is quite a nut on flowers and is afraid the kids will pluck one + get away with it.

    So far we had her around some. Yesterday we took in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena + some church at Altadena which was visited once by our present Pope. Every time Mom hears of another church no matter how far I have to take her there. The other other day it was at the depot downtown to the Little Plaza Mission church which at one time was graced by my attendance.

    At Pasadena they are preparing for the Rose Parade on New Year's Day. We saw bleachers being built along the route reaching up about 15 rows and about 50 to 75 ft wide, right in front of houses on their lawns and  made of steel. Looks like they  expect to cash in plenty. Mom + Louise went into the Rose Bowl to gander around and also brag about they set their foot inside.

    Also had Louise to Capistrano where the pigeons knew Louise + proceeded to welcome her in a regal manner. Four at a time sitting on her shoulders + hat. Mom had one pretty nearly fly away with her new hair net while me, I ducked under a canopy to preclude them from using their private toilet, alias my dome.

    Louise got here Tuesday 15th. Think she really loves California. Tomorrow Sunday Mom says Ed's eldest + Bob are arriving for a few days visit + then will be on their way to Arizona.

    Sure glad to hear your juniors are getting along so famously. How did B*** enjoy the snow? Should be fairly big now and able to defend himself against his playmate.

    I forgot to mention we sent the tape recording off on the 14th of Nov by parcel post insured. No word of its arrival. It went to Harry as he has to get it eventually as he is the possessor of the machine.

    Now that you know we are all well again + that I finally got to this task you can relax and take things again in their stride.

Love to all from all of us

Mom--Dad--Larry + Louise


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