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Louis Grimm Jr.

12-11-1892 to 10-14-1933



  -Hilda Grimm Diver Forney


  -Hazel Weren


  -Henrietta Weren Callahan



  -Charles Weren Jr.



Louis' father died just before he was born. He spent most of his childhood being raised by his aunt, Maria Grimm Pfleger


in Chicago


Lillian Sharp



 Robert Grimm

 living Grimm

Louis Grimm Jr. died of tuberculosis while his children were quite young


Louis Grimm


 Rosina/Rose Pfleger

(she remarried to Charles Weren)

spouse's parents:



maternal grandparents:

Franz Pfleger & Anna Margareta Zinsmeister

paternal grandparents:

Frank Grimm & Katerina Lukner


maternal aunts & uncles (all in Germany):

1867-Karoline; 1868-August; 1871 Franz; 1873-Johanna; 1875-Elisabeth; 1877-Mina; 1880-Franz


paternal aunts & uncles:

1850-Maria Grimm Pfleger & John; c.1852-Peter Grimm & Kittie (in Jackson, MI); Kate Grimm (Endres) (in Germany). His aunt Maria's husband John Pfleger was his mother's cousin.


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The second gallery of photos, without captions, is probably Louis, in WWI. Click on image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

religious card inscribed to him as Louis "Pfleger" (dates don't fit for his uncle Lou, nor for his cousin Lou, son of Oscar)

front of the relgious card

Think it's Louis Grimm Jr. and his cousin Irene Pfleger

scrap of school picture that looks like Louis Grimm Jr.

Louis, I think

looks like Louis Grimm Jr. Photo postcard from New Light Postal Studio

maybe Louis Grimm. This woman is in photo on Irene Pfleger page, tea party with paper heart decorations strung along ceiling

same couple

Decoration Day 1921, think it's Louis and Lillian on far right with Dell Pfleger and Harry Wachdorf and unknown. AKA Memorial Day

probably Louis Grimm (the boarder in his mother's house was a photographer)

probably Louis Grimm

Louis Grimm and Lilian Sharp, c. 1922

maybe Louis Grimm and Lilian Sharp

maybe Louis Grimm

his death certificate

his tombstone, St. Mary's Cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL


Corresponded with Louis' daughter in 1998. She said that she, her brother, and mother had moved to Minnesota because it was supposedly better for those suffering from TB, and their father was to follow from Chicago, but the TB took him down before he could make the move. The children were seven and nine when he died.

Paper trail:

By his tombstone and death certificate, he was born 12-11-1892. Oral tradition says his father died before he was born, and he was born in Michigan because his mother had headed back to family.

For unknown reasons he was raised by the Pflegers for most of his youth, and is listed with them in the 1900 and 1910 census (while his sister and mother and his new half-siblings are in the household of his mother's new husband, Charles Weren, failing to acknowledge his existence when the census taker asks how many children born versus how many still living). By the time he fills out his draft registration (below) in 1917, however, Charles Weren is out of the picture and Louis is back with his mother and sister on Indiana Avenue. (In the 1910 census, by the way, his occupation was stockman--dry goods.)

1917 draft registration: Louis J. Grimm, address 59-something Indiana Avenue. Date of birth 12-11-1892. Birthplace: Jackson, Michigan. Employed by Adams Express Co. as bill clerk. Reason to be exempted: support of mother and sister.

In 1919 his cousin Irene named him godfather of her son Gerald Francis (makes me wonder if the F. in Louis F. isn't also Francis, especially considering their grandfather was named Frank). The godmother was Louise Pfleger (her brother Henry's wife).

1920 census, Chicago, Indiana Ave: Rose Weren, 51, widowed, immigrated 1880, no profession. Daughter Hazel Weren, 24, no profession. Daughter Henrietta Weren, 21, cashier--grocery store. Son Chas Weren, 18, marker for steel co. (maybe). Son Louis Grimm, 27, bill clerk, express company. Son-in-law Guy Forney, medical doctor and Daughter Hilda Forney, supervisor--telephone company.

In the vicinity of 1922-23 he married Lillian Sharp.

1930 census 7911 Woodlawn Ave.: Louis F. Grimm, 37, married at 30, occupation: layer out--steel structures. Wife Lillian E, 38, married at 30, born in IL of father born in NY and mother from IL. Son Robert L. 6, born in IL, daughter ***

1933 death certificate says he died at Edward Hines Jr. Hospital (that's a veteran's hospital, I think). Home address 7929 Woodlawn. Born 12-11-1892. Died 10-14-1933.Occupation:worker in structural steel industry. Last worked Sept. 1932. Total time spent at this occupation: 12 years. Birthplace: Jackson, Michigan. Father: Louis (deceased) born Germany. Mother Rose Pfleger, born Germany. Physician attended 9-13 to 10-14. Death due to: tuberculosis, pulmonary chronic, far advanced, active "C" (note--the hospital had a stamp for this diagnosis, so it must've been fairly common--oral history said he got it from being gassed in WWI, so perhaps the veterans' hospitals would see a lot of it). Contributing causes: pleurisy, chronic, fibrous, severe. Length of town in city or town where death occurred: 1 year, 1 month and 1 day.

Found a clipping of his obituary in his cousin Irene's prayer book. Grimm, Louis F, beloved husband of Lillian (nee Sharp), father of Robert and ***, beloved son of Mrs. Rose Weren, brother of Hildegarde Forney, Mrs. Henrietta Callaghan, and Charles F. Weren Jr. Funeral from his mother's residence 8343 Ingleside Ave Tuesday 9 a.m. to St. Frances De Paul church, interment St. Mary's. (The name of his half-sister, Hazel, is omitted--don't know why.)

Robert Grimm, son of Louis Grimm Jr.

Partial excerpt of his 2003 obituary, with chunks left out to protect his family's privacy: Robert was a US Navy Verteran of WWII. He was a 1944 graduate of ***, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He was a cheerleader, gymnast, and musician. He loved to sing jazz, play the trombone, trumpet, guitar and ukulele...He was a member of the Optimist Club and the Catholic faith...

Connection: Louis' cousin was Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, daughter of her father's sister Maria Grimm Pfleger