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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores


People mentioned besides husband Ed Wachdorf (dad) and son Larry:

Charlotte: daughter-in-law, wife of son Jerry

A** = Char & Jerry's youngest son

Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of her late brother Henry

Eva = Eva Plaehn, mother of Charlotte

Henrietta = Henrietta Weren/Doyle, half sister of her cousin Hilda Grimm

B** = Dolores' son

the baby = Dolores oldest daughter


(on back of card)


Have a happy birthday --wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. Hope you are all well. Thanks so very much for your lovely letters. I appreciate them very much. Am feeling fine now and hope to be able to de everything myself real soon due to all the rest I've had while Charlotte has been here and Louise always was and always will be a terrific hustler, helps Dad out in the garden too. Will write you an old time letter tomorrow.

Love, love + more love + kisses too

you devoted + loving Mom


Lawndale Apr 11---57


Dear Dolores, Les + kiddies:

    At last I really feel like sitting down and writing, am feeling fine due to Charlotte's hard work and her not letting me do anything I suppose. So sorry to see her go home wish we could have kept her here and little A** too for good, he is the cutest little guy you ever saw--was always looking for airplanes and he could say just about everything--Dad was out in the yard planting some seeds one day and the next day he was out with a little scoop that I gave him and dug it all up--sure liked to play in the yard--had a lot of fun with him at Capistrano too when he saw all the pigeons and at the Arboretum where he saw the Peacocks--he would run after the birds didn't make any difference whether it was Peacocks, pigeons, birds or what--he always had Charlotte running after him and he would go a mile a minute and she would have to have someone stop him so she could catch up with him. The place is like a morgue without him.

    Aunt Louise is here and what pinochle games we've had at night after supper. Charlotte played with us. Of course you know Aunt Louise, she has to work like a Trojan all day never wastes a minute she is either working in the yard trimming plants or pulling weeds or something or else she is working in the house + is taking up where Charlotte left off so if I don't get real strong fast it won't be because I haven't had plenty of help and lots of rest. Aunt Louise is sitting right here at the table with me, shortening the light blue grey coat Henrietta gave me an she brought a lot of material along that Eva gave her to make some aprons with. She is glutton for work and doesn't take enough time out to rest which I wish she would do.

    It really was wonderful having Charlotte and the baby here and now that Louise is here it still remains wonderful only wish I could get her to stay here for good.

    I want to thank you honey for your very wonderful letters--they sure do perk me up and all the letters and cards I go from everyone else. I really can't tell you how much I appreciated them.

    Can't wait until vacation time rolls around to have some more of the family come out--the more the merrier, only wish someone would come out and stay--everything outdoors looks so beautiful right now--our roses are all starting to bloom now and our trees are all full of blossoms now too and so many other flowers are in bloom too--soon everything will be out in full bloom.

    The pictures you have sent us are really lovely and what a kick we get out of B**'s antics--and how much we liked the pictures of you and Les too with the kiddies. I really thought you looked wonderful on the picture with the baby--not as thin as you usually do--will return the last pictures you sent us. Are you still looking for a home-- hope you find one soon--as paying rent doesn't pay, you never have anything to show for it.

    Well darlings, hoping you are all fine as we are here. I will say toodle oo for now with lots of love and kisses and thanks for all your prayers and get well wishes. I am as ever

your loving and devoted


Aunt Louise sends her love to you all

Drop her a line too




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