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handwritten by Edward Wachdorf Sr, his wife's sister-in-law Louise Pfleger, and his wife, Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

People mentioned include:

Char = wife of Ed & Irene's son Jerry.

A** = Char & Jerry's youngest son

B** = daughter Dolores' oldest son

J** = Dolores' 2nd son




Dear Ones

    If you will condone pencil writing, I will continue, if not here goes anyway. As my hand is still a trifle sore it must be an indication muscles or something are still not co-ordinating as should be. Then again it's possible there is not the united effort between me and nature. So I will take the blame of no co-operating by properly resting my muscles. I got out there and wielded a large pair of hedge clippers, trying to clip off limbs instead of small branches. Guess I will use a saw the next time on the trunks.

    Guess you do however have a logical complaint on laxity or in plain words, procrastination. Mail at this end is rather gratifying as we receive a goodly share of mail from the inquisitors. Makes us feel so good to have such a loyal crew of fans. Even out here people are so nice to us and always so solicitous of our welfare.

    Char + A*** were such great company, especially when Mom needed it the mostest. She recuperated so much faster this time and still feels so good. Louise is also a great comfort to her and she is enjoying herself with her usual laughter and gaiety. I also believe she is real earnest this time about prolonging her existence by following orders more closely by relaxing during the day for a short period and also adhering to a diet more strictly. Tomorrow, Thursday, we go to the doctor for a check up for the first time since Mom came home, so keep your fingers crossed.

    Tell Char since she left the roses are literally blooming in the thousands or at least they are numerous numerically. Louise is in seventh heaving awing and ohing from one bush to the other. She even has bouquets in the powder room.

    Sounds like you have a couple of boys . Little A** reminded me a lot of B** when he was out here. As fast as I planted a bed, of course with the help of A** just as soon as I turned my back he was back out there rearranging the bed so that nothing came up. Same with plants on the patio. He figured they had to be dug up every day for progress, such monkey business. And his mother says, ain't he cute. It was lucky I knew the answer and held my peace. The whole world still has to agree that they are irrepressible and may God love them as well as their doting parents.

    I am writing this while I am sprinkling it's time to move my hose as I see and so has Mom that her picture window is completely drenched as the wind blown spray in all directions. Here I go

Love to all

from Mom Dad Larry + Louise


(on the other side)


Hi Lovely Ones

    It's just like a bit of heaven being with these Angels. This time I made up my mind to go and pack and come out for good. Your Dad is a Hum dinger, he sings La Traviata and then he tries to bust me in the eye but I duck. Cards we play but I'm the ten spot holder [Note: unsure if the word is "spot," but that's what it looks like]. I generally hold it until the game is over and then guess what, your guess is as good as mine, it doesn't matter what you think, you're wrong. And yet your father is a swell guy and I think a great deal of him

Love and a lot of Easter egg.

As ever your determinated (?) Aunt Louise

Your Dad tells me I'm disintegrating more. I don't know and he doesn't either Holy cow, what else ain't I.

Aunt Louise Pfleger

auf weidersehn

Kiss Les for me I can't


Dear Ones

    Just a short note to add to dad's nice letter. I'm feeling fine and hope to have  a final OK from the Dr tomorrow. Dad just told me to write that I'm crawling out of my shell. I wonder if he wants me to hibernate forever. Dad says this letter is your patience rewarded. How did J**'s face turn out. I was worried when I read that was all swollen up, hope it is better by now. Well darling I must say toodle oo for now as Dad wants to mail this so for now Love + Kisses to all from all



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