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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores, partially on Mother's Day card, partially on paper

People mentioned besides her husband Edward and the family of her daughter:

Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of her late brother Henry Pfleger

Carrie Baldwin = friend from Chicago and mother of her daughter's friend

Lorraine = Laurie/Lorraine daughter of Carrie Baldwin


[Inside card]

Give all the kiddies a big kiss and hug from me and tell Les I love him too. Remember me to Les' Mom + Dad too. Love Mom.


[On back of card]


    Have been thinking of you so much of late thought I would drop you a few lines + wish you a happy mothers day at the same time. We are all fine here and hope you are all the same. Aunt Louise has been doing a lot of sewing and helps me a lot at the same time. Mrs. Baldwin is coming out here next week and expects to be here by May 14th. She is now in Miami Beach Fla and is going to visit Lorraine when she leave here.

    She would like to have Aunt Louise buy a house out here with her, one with three bed rooms so they could rent out one and she would like to go back to work. Aunt Louise said she would talk it over with her when she gets here but doesn't know yet what to do about it.

    Dad has her pretty busy in the yard of late fertilizing etc and everything is really looking beautiful our roses are just grand and our peach trees have peaches on them already too. Will write a big letter in a day or two.

Lots of love to all



[On paper]

Lawndale May 17---57


    This is going to be a very short letter as it is time to get our supper started right now. We just got back from Redondo Beach where we bought some very nice filets of Halibut. Louise, Carrie, Dad and myself. Carrie got here last night at seven and as usual brought gifts galore for everyone. Will write later and tell you all about it.

    We are all fine and are enjoying Louise + Carrie very much. Hope to go to the Arboretum on Sunday to see the peacocks and of course we will have to take a trip to Farmers' Market and have a real nice lunch there which everyone seems to enjoy very much and then to Tijuana Mex and Knotts Bery Farm + maybe Capistrano too.

    Dearie I wanted to let you know that I got your lovely Mother's Day card with the money in it and thanks very much, the lovely card was so much appreciated that it should have been enough without the money.

    Well darlings I want to get to bed now. I started this letter before supper but am just finishing it now and it is almost 10:30 so hoping this finds you all in the best of health and that no one has been hurt since last we heard from you. I'll say toodle oo for now with lots of love to all, I am as ever

your loving and most devoted


Thanks so much for you telephone call I was just thrilled to pieces hearing you voices and how much I enjoyed talking to you all. I just love all so much Love Mom


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