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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

People referred to besides husband Edward and son Larry:

the girls = Mae & Madge Wachdorf, Ed's sisters

Carrie = Carrie Baldwin, Irene's friend

Lorraine = Carrie Baldwin's daughter

Ida Wilson = ex-neighbor & mother-in-law of Irene's niece, Eleanor Pfleger Wilson (daughter of her brother Oscar)

Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of Irene's late brother Henry

Les = son-in-law

J** = grandson

Lydia & Loretta = sisters, Lydia Harnois was 2nd wife of Ed Wachdorf's late brother Harry, and Loretta married their neighbor, Frank Vrzak

Marsha King = daughter of neighbor Janet King

Mae + Madge = Ed Wachdorf's unmarried sisters


Lawndale June 5 ---57


Dear Ones:

    Haven't heard from you for some time so I thought I better write and find out if everything + everyone is alright. Have been going out a little since our company is here and so haven't had too much time for writing. The girls arrived last Thurs morning and it is wonderful having them here. Only wish I could get them to move out here.

    Carrie left last Thurs morning at 7:10 and is now at Lorraine's home, expects to stay there until about July when she thinks Ida Wilson will go to Virginia with her, the poor thing, that is Carrie is still as nervous as ever and I really feel sorry for her. She and Aunt Louise were thinking of buying some units out here--but don't know whether they will go through with it or not.

    Don't know whether I told you or not but I was very happy to hear Les, yourself and all three children went to Mass together on Easter Sunday--which  think was just wonderful and I have been happy about it ever since. Tell Les I think he is a real dear to help you take all three children to Mass and then go himself too. Darling, are you still looking for a house and have you seen any you might be interested in--I sure hope you will be able to find one before next Fall or Winter rolls around because you can hardly go around looking for homes then.

    How are you all--children have any more mishaps of late-thought Larry would die laughing when he read about J** pulling up your neighbor's tulips--but who could blame poor J** when he wants to bring a bouquet to his mother, the little dear.

    I bet they will all have grown so much when we see them again we will hardly know them. That's what make me feel so bad being so far away from them and seeing them so seldom and all of you too.

    We are all fine here including myself although I have lost about 23 lbs which I hope to gain back again as soon as I can eat regular again--but as long as I feel strong I'm OK.

    Aunt Louise is still here and says I should say hello for her--she has been sewing a lot and is still at it--not only for me but for Lydia + Loretta and also fixed a tear in a nylon dress for Mrs. King's daughter Marsha. Well dearies I think I hear Mae + Madge getting up so I'll have to sign off for this time and put the coffee on, it's almost time for dad to get up too--who has been busy sprinkling weeding and driving us around a bit too--so toodle oo for now with lots of love and kisses from all to all I am as ever

your loving and devoted


Write soon and give all the kiddies a big kiss from grandma

Love Mom


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