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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

People mentioned besides son Larry:

Char & Jerry = son & daughter-in-law


Written in a card that says, "Remember Me?"




    Haven't heard from you for so long I'm getting worried is everyone O.K. Maybe you are busy getting things ready for moving although it will be quite some time before you will be able to get into your own place. I bet you are just thrilled to pieces and I'm very happy for you.

    I'm trying to do a little house cleaning before Char + Jerry get here so I've been busier than busy and Larry is trying to get the house painted before they get here too. He took last week off but is still working like a demon this week too + I don't think he will get it all done anyway. He is going to summer school at El Camino as he has to be there at 7 o'clock 5 nights a week he doesn't have much time to paint when he gets home from work.

    Well dearies we are all fine here and hope you are all the same

Love Mom


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