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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

People mentioned besides daughter and family:

her husband Edward Wachdorf Sr, referred to as "dad"

son Larry

son Bunky, his wife Jinny, their sons and newest daughter

son Jerry, his wife Char, and family


Lawndale July 25 ---57


Dear Dolores, Les + fam.

    We were rather worried hearing about the big rain storm you had in Chgo + thereabouts but didn't expect to hear that you got so much of it. Haven't heard from anyone else that they even had a little water in their basements. Did it hit the north + west side more than it did the south side?  Glad to hear that your new house was high + dry. I hope it will be your new house as I know that you must like it very much. Have they done anything about eliminating that clause about the interest that you objected to?

    Glad to hear you were all able to get away for a few days. I'm sure you all enjoyed it very much. Did this happen to be a few days of Les' vacation or when does he get his vacation? Larry just took a week off. I don't know whether this is a week of his vacation or whether it is a week of the time he has coming. They are all allowed a week sick leave during the year and if they don't take any days off they either get a week's pay or they can take a week off and he told me he has about 3 weeks coming so I imagine that was one of the weeks he had coming.

    He painted our house (don't tell Bunk or Jinny) white with Chinese red trimming and our neighbors all tell us it looks very nice, sure makes our house look much bigger. He even had to give up some of his golf dates to get it finished but he finally is through. Dad is now busy painting the screens and putting them up and trying to revive the lawn which we had piled up with our Patio furniture and which we sadly neglected when we had company as Dad didn't get very much chance to sprinkle it.

    It was wonderful having company here this Spring and so far this summer, only wish it could last forever. It was too bad though that Jerry, Char + fam could only stay such a short time, eight days to be exact. They hardly got here when they started right in packing their bags to go home. I really felt real bad about it as it didn't give them very much time to see Calif and besides I was looking forward to having them here about 3 wks at least. Well next time they come, which I hope will be soon, they said they are either coming by plane or train. Larry called up the Santa Fe and it really was almost as cheap traveling family plan as it was for them to come by car + look how much longer they could have stayed here.

    Well we are now looking forward to Bunk + Jinny's visit with the family and I sure hope they get here soon and stay long. I'm real anxious to see M** as we haven't had such a small baby here since we moved out here. Our Alondra Park playground has been much improved lately with more fish in the pond + baseball diamonds, more tables and benches for picnics etc and many other amusements have been added too. Our weather here right now is wonderful too, not too hot during the day and still cool mornings and evenings. Ideal weather for the kiddies to go ocean swimming or fishing or whatever else they would like to do. Larry still has his ping pong table in the garage and it will be nice for Bunky's sons to play along with Bunk + Larry + even Jinny too.

    Of course we are still finding new places to go such as the Sequoia National Park (where we hit another car) but which is a wonderful place to see they have the oldest living thing the world there--a Redwood tree that still blooms and many other big Redwood trees along with many beautiful birds that are up there too, come flying around looking for food while you are eating. They have plenty of tables + benches there so you can bring your lunch and eat it there and the scenery going up the mountains is beautiful only dad + I had our fill of mountains so we don't care if we ever go up in the mountains again.

    Well darlings we are all well here and hope you are all the same. Wish you could drop us just a card now and then and I'll try and do the same. I always worry and wonder you are as I know you have your hands full with the three little ones to care for, but with Les's help I think + know you are both managing wonderfully. Well dears, dad is waiting to take me shopping so with love to all

I am as ever

your loving



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