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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

mentions only "little M**" the daughter of her son Bunky


Preprinted Hallmark card "From someone who's thinking of you...

If I sent a card for every time

I think a thought of you

Your postman wouldn't like me much---

he'd have so much to do!"



Dear family--

    Now that our company or family have all left for home we are again becoming lonely. Never dreamed I could miss anyone as much as I missed little M**. She really is a doll and although she wouldn't make up with me at first we got to be real pals before she left. Hope she will still remember me when we come to Chgo in about Oct.

    How are you all? Well I hope and I suppose real thrilled at the prospect of moving into your own home soon. Meant to answer your letter or call sooner because if you still need the $200 we can send it to you. Let me know on a separate piece of paper because I can send it to you.

    Well darling I haven't much time or space either so toodle oo for now


Love Mom


Say hello to the kiddies for me. Will write them soon.



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