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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores


People mentioned besides her daughter and daughter's children, J, B & P:

her husband, Edward Wachdorf Sr, referred to as dad

her daughter-in-law Irene Szafranksi Wachdorf, wife of her son Art

her son Larry

Flo Wagner Lynch, her children and father

Butch = Rose Wachdorf Creighton, daughter of her son Edward, and her new daughter

Lefty = Steve Creighton, husband of Butch/Rose

Rose's sister, name shortened to M**

Francis=her son Frank/Bunk, and his wife Jinny, and their daughter M**


Lawndale--Sept 19 ---57


Dear Ones--

    Am trying desperately to catch up on my mail before we leave for Chgo but it sure seems hopeless, seeing as we are planning on coming to Chgo by about the 8th or 9th of Oct.

    Received your letter yesterday and was mighty happy to hear from you. Glad you are so thrilled with your new house can hardly wait until we see it. Did you tell your landlady yet that you were moving and is your house rented yet? Happy to hear that so many of the family have been to see you and your new house too and also to hear that Irene has finally quit working and I hope this time it's for good. She has really been working too hard for a long time and so no wonder she looks so good now after having time at last to sit down and relax.

    We don't know just yet where we are going to stay when we come in but will let you know when we do.

    Larry has gone back to school again so about all the spare time he has now is for his regular golf game on Sat. You would be surprised at all the home work he has, but I really think he enjoys going to school.

    Flo Wagner Lynch + Johnnie and her dad were here Sat night for some pinochle (I mustn't forget her baby--she is a little darling laughing + smiling all the time--she was a year old the 1st of Aug + she is expecting her new baby on Sept 30 after being married for 10 yrs before she had the 1st one, she is really making up for lost time.

    Had a call from Butch last night and she sounds as happy as a lark on having a son although she wouldn't have cared if it had been another girl but I guess like all men Lefty wanted a boy. Hope now M** has a girl as she really wanted one the first time.

    By the way you didn't mention how you all are feeling, is everyone OK? We are all fine here, dad has had a kind of back ache for a few days--guess he spent too much time on his knees out in the garden pulling weeds etc but is feeling alright again now. Guess we are both looking forward to our trip to Chgo to once again see our family and I'm sure it will help a lot to keep us happy if we find out for our selves just how everyone really is.

    This might be a long winter for us as Francis doesn't think he will be able to come out here this Xmas as he wants to help Jinny as much as he can before the baby comes and I am sure she will need his help--what with 5 other kiddies to look after and M** just a little over a year old.

    Well dears, seeing as I have so many letters to write, I'll sign off now for this time and hope to see you soon. I'll say toodle oo. With lots of love + kisses to all from all,

I am as ever, lovingly


Larry said you forgot to tell us about what J** did so is he sick or something. Larry thinks there is something wrong with your letters when there isn't anything in them about J**'s latest escapades. Maybe B** is watching him too close now. Tell B** we will be coming in on the big airplane soon. I can hardly wait to see you all. Give them all a big hug + kiss from me and an extra big squeeze for P** the baby.

Love Mom


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