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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

People mentioned besides husband Ed Wachdorf Sr and son Larry:

Ruth Kelly & Janet King = neighbors

Frank = probably Frank Vrzak, neighbor, case probably about his deceased wife

Lawndale, Dec 5 ---57


Dear Dolores, Les + family:

    This is really the first letter I have written since we got back from Chgo. We found the house in such a mess when we got home I didn't think I would ever get it straightened out. Larry had painted the kitchen and the den and he had dishes--pots--pans--canned goods--food--clothes--boxes and everything else stored everywhere in the house, on the floor, on the dressers, on our bed, on the chairs, and any available space that he could find. We couldn't even find a space big enough to set 2 cups of coffee on much less find the coffee.

    Well anyway it looks pretty good now although he still has to paint the inside of the clothes closet in the den. Of course with him going to school four nights a week he really didn't have too much time to paint. Ruth Kelly next door and Janet King across the street told me he painted all night the night before we got home and he said he had 11 hours of sleep in 3 nights over the week end. He really worked hard at work and home too. It took me 2 days to wash up all his clothes too and more than that to get them all ironed up.

    However all is pretty well cleaned up now so I will follow up this letter with one to everyone in the family starting today. I have had you and your family on my mind so much I couldn't even get to sleep thinking about you last night so that first thing I did after getting home from church was to start writing this letter to you. Hope you are all well and that you did go to the doctor about your cold and cough after we left. I just don't enjoy being out here anymore because I keep worrying about all of you in there. Hope you have put on some weight too.

    Frank's case comes up in court today and as I might be called as a witness I'm just about ready to collapse thinking about it. Hope they will be able to settle it out of court.

    Well honey this is getting rather long and as it is almost time to call dad for breakfast and then go shopping (Thurs is the day for our weekly shopping) so it takes us quite a while as we go to about 1/2 dozen different markets so I'll close for now enclosing a little something for you and the family from Santa and hoping to hear from you soon

I am as ever

Your ever loving + devoted Mom

Give the kiddies a big kiss from me and tell Les I think he is just a wonderful Son (in law)

Love Mom


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