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This is a page of photo galleries associated with Dell Pfleger Wachdorf

Gallery One: Dell as a girl

Gallery Two: Dell as Seamstress

Gallery Three: Dell and seamstress coworkers at her sister Irene's

Gallery Four: misc. shots

Galleries 5-8: worker picnic 1, picnic 2, picnic 3

Gallery Nine: the dismal bride

Photos after her marriage are on the Dell Pfleger Wachdorf page.

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from left: her brother Henry, mother Maria Grimm Pfleger with Dell on her lap, brother Lou, father Johann/John Pfleger with Oscar at his knee

Dell as a girl, I think

might be Dell

10-29-1902 Mary Wirtz, Annie Wirtz, Henry Pfleger, Dell Pfleger, unknown man. Oscar Pfleger seated. Kids unknown.

c. 1905 wedding of Henry Pfleger, I think Dell is the tall girl on the far right and the man in front of her, John Pfleger, and Irene on left, leaning

Dell, I think

Dell, I think

Dell as bridesmaid to Kitty Wachdorf Hochertz

Lettie Wachdorf (Myers), unknown, Kitty Wachdorf, Dell, Harry Wachdorf behind Tony Hochertz c. 1911

Dell 3rd from left standing. Hilda 1st on left standing. Irene=seated bridesmaid. Groom Lou Pfleger, bride Gert Bornhofen

alternate shot, seated row from left: Hilda, Irene, kid, Dell, unknown

click on it to see Harry's labeling. Full label below photo gallery.

Dell in a dandy chapeau

another shot in the dandy chapeau

another outfit, another dandy chapeau

Caption of group photo partially labeled by Harry: back row from left: Gert Wirtz Wiedemann (sister of Oscar Pfleger's wife Annie), Edward Wachdorf (husband of her sister, Irene) holding unknown child, Dell, her brother Oscar holding unknown child, her sister Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, Oscar's wife's sister Mary Wirtz Enk, probably Oscar's wife's brother Charles Wirtz on end. Front row from left: Oscar's wife's brother Tony Wirtz, unknown child, Oscar's wife's mother Mary Krump Wirtz, Dell's mother Maria Grimm Pfleger, Oscar's wife Annie Wirtz Pfleger, Oscar's son Herbert (with Irene's hand on his shoulder), two unknown children in front of Oscar's wife's father Hubert Wirtz, and on the far end, Oscar's son John.

Dell as seamstress: she worked as seamstress for the store, Marshall Fields, and was also personal seamstress for Madame Schumann-Heink, an opera diva of great notoriety at the time. Note that the postcard is addressed to her in 1912 at Princeton Ave, not her parents' house (in the 1920 census she and her mother are living with her sister, Irene.)

Do you think we will make a hit? 1906 photo postcard Dell in back on left

back of previous

photo postcard from 1905-1908

postcard from Lizzie Murray and the photo from which it was made

back of "Dear Della" postcard

Dell 2nd from right, Lizzie Murray far left. Poss. also a Kobow?

Dell in back on left, Lizzie Murray in back on right

Dell in traditional costume for unknown occasion

From left: Agnes Gustafson, not sure, Dell in front of Lizzie Murray

Dell in front, first woman from left in back looks like Kitty Wachdorf Hochertz

July 1912, see next for labels

back of previous.

2nd shot taken at Kobow's July 1912, see next for label

back of previous

her nephew Harry Wachdorf in the uniform she made for him.

At Irene's in about 1917

Dell with nephews Art and Ed Wachdorf

Dell on left

Ed Wachdorf Jr. in foreground

her nephew, Ed Wachdorf, with her mother, Mary Grimm Pfleger directly behind, Dell over Mary's shoulder

the boy is Ed Wachdorf Jr. again

with Ed Wachdorf Jr.

Lizzie Murray with Dell's nephews Art and Ed Wachdorf

her nephew Ed, one of her coworkers, her mother Mary Grimm Pfleger

her nephew Art Wachdorf in foreground, her niece Irene "Sis" Wachdorf in back

coworker with Art Wachdorf

her sister Irene on the same day, looking pregnant, so it must be 1917

Misc. including a few more at Irene's c. 1919.

bare branches reflected in window--winter or early spring

Ed & Irene Wachdorf on left, Art and Sis Wachdorf in center, Dell on far right, others unknown

Irene & Ed Wachdorf, Dell, coworker holding Harry Wachdorf (born 1917), kids in front are Sis and Art Wachdorf

only shot with Dell in plaid.

much later shot (short dresses) possibly her coworkers, but don't see Dell or Lizzie Murray. Hmm.

Four more seamstress gatherings, the last one being the dismal wedding.





The Dismal Bride. Nothing is known of Dell's wedding to Harry Wachdorf except that it occurred in roughly 1924-1925. It's the same yard as the previous picnics, and Lizzie Murray is in the shot, and the dresses are shorter, and she kind of looks like Dell, but where is her family, and why is everyone so glum? Dell's wedding puzzles me generally. She and Harry had been paired off since at least 1911, yet didn't marry until she was just about forty. Why wait so long? Why do it at all? Her mother died in November of 1924. I wonder if the two events were connected.


In the 1910 census 15 year old Dell and her family lived in Jackson, Michigan and her profession was listed as telephone operator. In 1910 she was named godmother of her sister's son Harry, christened in St. Joachim's church. Her future husband, Harry Wachdorf, was the godfather. In fact, Harry and Dell are shown paired off as early as Kitty Wachdorf's wedding c. 1911.  In the 1920 census she and her mother live with Irene and her family on 87th Place, so far on the South Side that it was the country at the time (the picnic shots featuring what looks like bean picking are from that period). Her occupation in the 1920 census was listed as dress maker for a general merchandise store. In 1910 she was named godmother of her sister's son Harry, christened in St. Joachim's church. Her future husband, Harry Wachdorf, was the godfather. In fact, Harry and Dell are shown paired off as early as Kitty Wachdorf's wedding c. 1911.