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Paper Trail includes marriage record, ship's record, census, social security death index for her son, Lawrence.


Lena Katherine Pfleger Philipp

born Oct. 1859, died 1935



1841-Walter Karl



1845-Johann (died as infant)

c.1847-Johannes Pfleger

c.1849-Franz Pfleger

1850-Elizabeth (died at 4)



1856-Elisabetha (Schaeffer)


Her brothers Franz and Johannes came from Germany to Michigan as well. Franz died. John married & moved to Chicago c. 1891.


married 4-3-1884

in Jackson Michigan


 August Carl Philipp

born Jan. 1858 in Germany, died 1915



1887-Louise Philipp (King)

1893 Rose Philipp (Donahue Gray Kurtz)

1899-Lawrence Philipp


Big gap between Louisa and Lawrence, but surprisingly there were no mortalities in between--Lena was mother of three.


Lena's brother Johannes was a butcher (as were his brother's-in-law, Peter Grimm and Louis Grimm) and so was August Philipp. August was from Concordia, Michigan, however, not Jackson.


Jean/Johannes Pfleger


Katharine Walter

spouse's parents:


but he had a brother

Charles Philipp

paternal grandparents:

Jean/Johannes Pfleger


 Helena (Maria Magdalena) Leppla


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back of previous, labeled by Dell or Irene Pfleger

Lena (note wedding ring), photo loaned by daughter of Louis Grimm Jr.

back of previous, labeled by Dell or Irene Pfleger

her brother Johann/John Pfleger

back of previous

One of Lena's daughters, either Rose or Louise (identification by daughter of Lena's son, Lawrence)

Lena's niece Rosina Pfleger (with husband Ludwig/Louis Grimm). Rosina witnessed marriage of Lena & August

For Lena's place in the family, click here: Pfleger Family tree

According to a daughter of Louis Grimm Jr, Lena and her husband lived in Concord Michigan and had two daughters and a son. By the research of Oscar Pfleger's grandson, she was born in Germany c. 1860 and married August Philipp on 4-3-1884.

Lena's brother, Johann, arrived in the US in 1874. She was not with him at the time. Don't know when she arrived. Her brother, Franz Pfleger, arrived c. 1879, but was killed in a fall from a train in Jackson, Michigan, in 1880.

Paper Trail

11-2-1881 ship the Vandalia, place of origin: Wurttemberg, port of departure: Hamburg and Le Havre, port of arrival: New York, carried 23 year old August Philipp (one L, two P's, no S). The relationship column looks like it says "brother" and the people next to him in the register are Gunther (possibly) Kolb (possibly), farmer, from Prussia, and wife Maria and daughter Emma. Is Maria Kolb then his sister? (See the information on the bottom of this page for a Carl Philipp who came to the US in 1879, and may be the same as August's brother. Carl listed his birthplace as Spock with an umlaut over the o, Wurttemberg)

4-3-1884 marriage record, Jackson, Michigan: Lena H. Pfleger of Jackson and August Philipp of Concord, both 24, both born in Germany, his profession: butcher. Officiated by Jacob Vantobel, minister of the gospel, witnessed by Charles Philipp and Rosina Pfleger (her niece).

1900 census, Concord, MI:

NOTE almost all other records show Rose born in 1893, not 1884

August "Phillips," born Jan. 1858 in Germany, immigrated 1881, naturalized, 16 years in present marriage, home owned free, occupation: butcher

Wife Lena H., born Oct. 1859 in Germany, immigrated 1881, mother of three, all three living

Daughter Rosa F., born Aug. 1884 in Michigan, age 15

Daughter Louisa K. born July 1887 in Michigan, age 12

Son Lawrence A., born Feb. 1898 in Michigan, age 2

Also in the house: boarders William Hauser, age 20 (born in Michigan) and Louis Eppler, 48 (born in Germany), both butchers, both single.



Hamburg's passenger lists show Lena Philipp, age 48, of Jackson, MI, and son Lorenz, age 9, departing from Cuxhaven headed for NY via Southampton and Cherbourg, traveling 2nd class on the ship Amerika on 10-3-1907. New York's passenger lists show the Amerika arriving from Cuxhaven with US citizens Lena Pfleger, age 48, and son Lorenz, age 9, on 10-12-1907. The only other column filled out is for occupation, and Lena's is listed as "none."


1910 census, Concord, on Concord St.:

August K (or R) Philipp, 51, married 26 years, born Germany, immigrated 1882, profession: meat market--illegible (looks like "potace packer"??)

Wife Lena Philipp, 50, immigrated 1882.

Son Lawrence A., 12, no profession.

Boarder Louis Eppler, 58, still single, and also, like August, a "potace packer" in the meat market. (Dad suggests maybe it said "retail packer." Eh.)

Note that daughter Louise and husband Clyde King are just up the street in the 1910 census.


1920 census, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Lena Philipp, 59, widowed, housekeeper (and my favorite census glitch--her birthplace is listed as "Perveria," instead of Bavaria).

Son Lawrence, age 21, instruction at University of Michigan.


1930 census, Concord Village:

Lena Philipp, widow, in a home owned, not rented, value $4000, with a radio. Immigration year has switched to 1880. Profession: none.

Daughter Rose W. Kurtz (note in 1900 it was Rosa F, not W), 38, married, profession: retail merchant in dry goods store.

Grandson John L. Donahue, 18, single, born in Michigan, profession: none.


1930 census Wayne Co. Detroit

Lawrence Philipp, 31, born Michigan of parents born in Germany, profession: research engineer for electric (illegible).

Spouse: Alice, 27, born in California of parents born in California.

Daughter P**, 0 months old, born in Michigan.


The Social Security Death Index has a Lawrence A. Philipp, born 2-11-1899 in Michigan, (SSN issued in Michigan), died 7-12-1980 in Santa Clara, California, last residence in Los Gatos, CA.


NOTE: August Philipp's brother Charles witnessed his wedding. Ancestry.com shows a passport application for a Carl Philipp of Jackson Michigan who may or may not be the same as August's brother. It shows the following information: born 6-30-1860 in Spock, Wurttemberg and came to the US 6-12-1879 sailing on the Rheinland from Antwerp and resided uninterruptedly in the US from 1879 to 1907, was naturalized before the circuit court of Jackson County on 9-22-1906, permanent address of Jackson MI where he followed the trade of "machinist: about to go abroad intending to return within 2 years so sworn on 5-30-1907 witnessed by Rudolph Work (?) of Jackson. Physically age 47, 5 feet 5 and 3/4 inches, forehead high and broad, eyes dark brown, nose small and straight, mouth small, chin small and straight, hair dark brown, complexion ruddy, face round. His identity was sworn to by Christ Sehlenken of 1109 Francis St. Jackson, MI.


Connection: Lena's nieces, Irene & Dell Pfleger (daughters of her brother John) married Wachdorfs