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by Hilda Grimm Diver Forney to her "niece" (d/o of her cousin)

Removed names of Jerry's oldest son and Harry's children

Others mentioned:

Harry Wachdorf & wife Justina and their children

Margaret Kary Wachdorf, wife of Ed Wachdorf Jr

Jerry Wachdorf & wife Charlotte, and their oldest son


This is a fragment, with no signature, but Hilda's handwriting was spikey and distinctive. Note also that her date did not include a year, but reference to 25th anniversary of Jerry & Char, who wed in 1941, makes it 1966


March 12th


Dear Dolores,

    This time the news is good and some bad. Harry is working for the South Town Economist and loves what he is doing. Justina also is working on a temporary basis.

    Today Margaret was released from the hospital The tumors on her neck have cleared. She had to have an operation on her instep. Two Doctors worked on her feet for two and a half hours. They make a deep incision, then insert a tube with dye into it which goes into the veins of the legs. Also had more xrays taken before she left the Hospital. Has to go back to the Doctor next Saturday then will know what its all about.

    Jerry and Charlotte are planning to spend several days at French Lick Spring May 24th to celebrate the 25th anniversary. They want no party. Also thinking of going to California when Jerry takes his vacation. Jerry's oldest son has been very helpful to your Mom, helps her with the dishes, takes care of the lawn, bushes, etc. He and his Pal are going to drive back to Chicago and take in all the place of interest.

    Harry and Justy paid me a visit last Saturday evening--their daughter was baby-sitting; their son had homework to so. So I didn't get to see them. That Harry is a


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