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Chris Wagner was a friend of Irene "Sis" Wachdorf decades before she became Ed Wachdorf's second wife. Many of her letters written to Sis in 1932 have been saved (as well as letters mentioning her visits to the Wachdorf family. To read these letters, click here: Letters. Her letters cover the effects of the Great Depression on her family, mention many of her siblings, and in the letter on 10-27-1932 she gets emotional. Chris & family members also mentioned in the Wachdorf letters from California including 1956 Aug 19 (her sister Florence's pregnancy), 1956 Aug 31 Irene, 1960 Nov 16 Irene (her father's bladder cancer etc).

Christine Wagner Safarik Stang Wachdorf

2-27-1913 to 5-16-1976





  Rita (Wukitch)

  Florence (Lynch)


  Frank Jr.

3rd marriage


Edward Wachdorf Jr.





 Chris and Ed married late in life and so had no children together. She came to the marriage with Stang and Safarik children and he had four of his own. Names withheld to protect privacy of current generations.



Frank Wagner



spouse's parents:

Edward Wachdorf


 Irene Pfleger

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Christine Wagner was a friend of Edward's sister, Sis (Irene Heagberg), decades before she married Ed. A few letters from Chris to Sis are among the 1932 letters Grandma saved, and perhaps I will get them transcribed or scanned some day. More photos to be added later. I also have a photo or two of Chris in the 1970s, plus a few more from her school days with Sis to add.

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Chris Wagner 3rd row, 3rd from left (Sis Wachdorf 2nd row, far right)

front row, 3rd from right (Sis Wachdorf third row center)

June 1935, from left: unknown, Art, Sis, Dick Heagberg, Chris Wagner, Arnold Heagberg, Coletta Wachdorf (Joe's daughter)

The 1920 and 1930 census show Chris' family as father Frank born c. 1885 in IL, parents German, steam fitter. Mother Anna born c. 1887 in Germany. Sister Frances, born c. 1909 IL. Brother John born c. 1911 IL. Then Christina, born c. 1913. Brother Philip born c. 1916. Sister Florence born c. 1923. Brother Frank Jr. born c. 1925. Rita born c. 1927.

Letter written by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to Sis, 10-13-1932: "Christine and Genevieve were here for lunch today and can you imagine just as we were sitting down to eat who should drop in but Edward Pfleger and Edward Wachdorf Jr. (Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Edward is working with Edward Pfleger again for a while)...of course you know Edward knew the girls would be here and Uncle Oscar is away for a few days with the boss so it was fine coming home for dinner. Well we all had a fine time..." {Edward Pfleger mentioned is her brother Oscar's son}

Letter written by Edward Wachdorf to his children, 8-19-1956 : "It's now getting time for your Mom and I to get hying over to Florence Lynch, formerly known as Wagner. Chris and her dad are her from Chicago...the occasion is the christening of her only child after years of trial and St. Gerard, Harry and Mom who connived with the higher ups to bail a child out of above for them." Same events, this time from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf's point of view, 8-31-1956: "...we were very pleasantly surprised at meeting Christine Wagner and her son and Mr. Wagner at church. Oh yes, Florence Wagner's husband was there too and informed us that Flo had a baby girl the Wednesday before, after ten years of marriage, thanks to St. Gerard, and that we were invited to the christening on the 19th of August...Florence and Johnnie, her husband...We had a real chance at visiting and going over old times and looking at old pictures, some of them of Chris and Sis too--which brought back sad memories too.

Obituary, 1976: Wachdorf: Christine A. Safarik Stang Wachdorf nee Wagner, beloved wife of Edward: devoted mother of... (omitted to protect privacy); stepmother of..." grandmother of 27; sister of John, Philip and Frank Wagner, Rita Wukitch, Florence Lynch and the late Frances Wagner...