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by Edward Wachdorf Sr. to daughter Dolores

typed letter

people mentioned besides wife, Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, & son Larry:

daughter Dolores, her husband Les, and her first three children

daughter-in-law Marge, wife of son Edward Jr.

son Harry

Florence Wagner Lynch, her father (Frank) & sister Chris -- Chris was friend of his late daughter Irene and later marries his widowed son, Edward Jr.


Aug. 19th 1956


Dear Ones;


    Dolores, I received the gift you and Les mailed out here for my birthday and thanks a million, also for that personal phone call on the eighth.

    But let me reiterate that I came out her to build myself up and not reduce. Please remember that if you are ever called upon or have to use the occasion again try not to forget that I am trying to get plump, not fat, therefore I use a medium size shirt instead of small. Luckily it fits but not too well around the neck. Also tell Marge the same thing, I wear size 40 instead of 38, but again I will try to squeeze into the jacket instead of discarding and waiting for a reducing exercise or figure.

    You know too often Larry eyes my packages with a lust for adoption, he darn near had a shirt that he did not merit, at least I don't want him cashing in on my birthday presents. That's only a yoke as he would rather give me an extra one instead of appropriating one of mine.

    The last letter was closely scanned by him to see how you signed off, so far he is not quoting or even guessing. The pictures of the youngsters are great. Too bad we could not have had one of that half pint daughter. Even Larry remarked how swell little B*** was growing into a very good looking nephew of his. J*** looks like a politician, trying to win votes with that smile. Sure looks like a hospitality grin that is spread all over his face. He gets our votes. But we will split the ticket and give B*** more than a vote. He sure looks like a republican or a son of Dwight Eisenhower. Take a good look and see if you don't agree. Anyway, with those sparkling eyes he will get the second look from anybody.

    Mom has been proudly showing off her grandchildren and getting some very nice comments from her friends. He don't look as the same boy we saw this spring. How he has waxed into a beautiful boy and is he photogenic. What else could you expect when you realize what parents he has and that's not malarcky.

    It's now getting time for Mom and I to get hying over to Florence Lynch, formerly known as Wagner. Chris and her Dad are here from Chicago and I will meet them. Not your mother as she has seen them a few times at church. I failed to mention the occasion which is the christening of her only child after years of trial and St. Gerard, Harry and Mom who connived with the higher ups to bail a child out of above for them.

    Thanks again and love to all from all of us

Mom--Dad and nosey Larry


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