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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

people mentioned:

Bunk-- her son Frank/Francis

dad--Edward John Wachdorf

Ruth--probably Ruth Kelly, CA neighbor

Janet King, her new child, her husband &his brother-- neighbor

Jinny--her daughter-in-law, wife of son Frank/Bunky

Sharon--small girl, possibly one of Janet King's

Mr. Wagner & Florence--father & sister of Christine Wagner Safarik Stang Wachdorf. Chris was a friend of Irene's daughter in the 1920s &30s, and in the 1980s married Irene's son Ed after he was widowed.

Names of grandchilren omitted, replaced with relationship, in italics to show where it's been done

Lawndale Nov 16 --60


Dear Ones:

    Seems like ages since I saw or heard from you so I thought I better write and find out if everything is alright with you and if all are well. Felt awful let down after we got home, we missed you all so much so it was a good thing I had a lot to do, it kept me from thinking about it too much. Certainly enjoyed our visit home very much, seeing you all and finding out for ourselves that all were O.K.

    We are all O.K. here although dad has a slight cold which he is taking very special care of as he doesn't want another repetition of having to have oxygen tanks and Doctors calls like he did about 2 years ago.

    I think I told you Mr. Wagner moved out here from Chgo brought his own bedroom set out here with him as he intends to stay with Florence for the rest of his life. About a month ago his kidneys began to bother him so he went to the doctor only to find out he has cancer of the bladder and is now taking Radium treatments several times a week. He seems to be getting along pretty good so he feels the treatments are really helping him.

    Ruth's doctor informed her she had nothing more to worry about as he was sure they had gotten all the cancer and she is really feeling fine and for me to thank everyone that had been praying for her.

    Janet King across the street from us had another girl (3 now) weighed 8 lb 15 oz her husband came over to tell us about it and said if we knew anyone that wanted to trade a little boy for a little girl he would certainly like to oblige them. I never saw anyone so disappointed in my life although he said a couple of month ago that he guessed about the only way he and his brother would ever have a boy would be to adopt one. Haven't been over to see the baby yet as Sharon told me I better wear a mask and an apron if I wanted to come over to see the baby. Janet is a real fanatic though about the baby and was about the other ones too, so I guess I'll wait a while before I go over there.

    We are looking forward to seeing Jinny and the family out here any day now as they have to be out of their house by Nov 30th + Bunk hasn't been able to find anything in Dayton yet. We certainly will have a much better Thanksgiving Day than we usually have if they get here soon. The holidays are such gloomy days out here for us as we know everyone home in Chgo are really celebrating and it is so wonderful to be able to spend them seeing your whole family and seeing what a real thrill the kiddies really get out of Xmas.

    Tell the kiddies I have all the pretty drawings they sent me and I even showed them to my neighbors. How are they all anyway? Does your second son like school as much as your first son and how is he doing. Is he too disappointed that he hasn't learned how to read yet. Does your second daughter stand on her feet yet or does she still prefer just to crawl. It is probably a lot of help to you that your oldest daughter is home with her as she can play with her and amuse her too. I bet you just can't wait to see what she will do when she sees the tree all lit up and full of ornaments. I know that was our great joy at Christmas time was seeing how the kiddies enjoyed what they got and their comments about it.

    Well darling, I hear dad getting dressed so he will be wanting his breakfast soon so I better say toodle oo for now with God's Blessings on you all

I am as ever


Don't forget to remember me to Les. I too think he is wonderful


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