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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

people mentioned:

Janet King & daughter--neighbors

Janet King's unnamed mother from North Dakota

Marsha--not sure

Ruth Kelly & son John--neighbors

Grandpa (in 1st part of letter)--Irene's husband, Ed Wachdorf Sr

Grandpa (in 2nd part)--her son-in-law's father

Larry--her son

Jinny--her daughter-in-law, wife of Francis/Frank/Bunky

names of grandchildren removed, replaced with relationship in italics to show where done


Lawndale Nov 29  --60


Dear Dolores + Les:


    Just a few lines to tell you we are all fine here and hope this little note finds you all the same. Received the boys' pictures that they sent the other day and I think they were very good. They are certainly doing fine.

    You said you hadn't heard from me since we got back, well I wrote to you and mailed the letter on Nov 16 and I'm sure you must have gotten it by this time. There isn't much to write about here as about all we do is the same thing over day after day with very little diversion. Janet had her baby on Sun Nov 6 another girl. Catherine Lee is what they named her and she weight 8 lbs 15 oz. I haven't even gone over to see the baby or visit with her mother for awhile as she is a regular fanatic about anyone getting too close to the baby. I told Marsha I was coming over to see the baby and she told me to be sure and wear a mask and an apron. Janet's mother is here from North Dakota taking care of her and as I met her before I'll have to go over there soon.

    Baby sat for Ruth yesterday for about 3 hours and it was a pleasure because John is a very good boy and when Ruth got back from her meeting she visited with me and had lunch with me too. Well I could have gotten a little of my ironing done if she hadn't stayed so long but I can make up for it today. She usually has lunch with me about three or four days a week as John is always yelling he wants to come and see grandpa.

    Ruth + Leo came over Sunday night and we played pinochle, this was the first time and Ruth and I won 3 games out of four and they only beat us that one game by one point. We had a real good time as Larry was being a real good host (he always is) he was kept pretty busy serving beer or highballs or something + John kept saying, Uncle Larry I want more brew--he loves beer as it seems all youngsters do.

    Well this little note is becoming quite lengthy so I guess I better say toodle oo and start my ironing if I ever want to get finished. With God's blessings on you all I am as ever


Your loving and lonesome Mom


The holiday don't mean much to us being so far away from all the kiddies but I know just how much they mean to all of you more and more every year So we will be with you all in spirit anyway

Love Mom


PS Are Jinny + family still in their own home or have they gone to Dayton or where are they now living. We all had our hopes up real high thinking they would be out here for at least a week or so anyway and especially for Thanksgiving but Jinny did say she would have to go to Dayton to help Francis find a house as it would be too expensive to store their furniture. We haven't heard anything more from them and I thought maybe you would know. You certainly are going to miss them aren't you because they were the ones you could really visit at least once in a while as the rest of the family seem to be at the other end of the world it takes so long to get there. Haven't hardly heard from anyone but hope all are O.K. wish they'd drop a card to us or something can't help worrying when we don't hear a word from anyone love Mom


Second letter, same envelope, same date
Dear Ones:

    Thanks so much grandsons, for your lovely pictures you are both doing just wonderful. I can see how you are both improving very much every day and I'm sure mother and dad are very proud of you. It's always such a pleasant surprise to get these little drawings from you and I know it won't be very long and you will both be able to write a few lines with your drawings too.

    Did you all have a good time at grandpa's house. I'm sure you did and it was probably too soon when you again had to leave for home.

    But now you can start thinking about Christmas as it won't be too long now and Santa will come with wonderful presents for all of you especially since I know you are such good boys and girls. How are mother and daddy and of course we can't forget your sisters. You and your brother are probably alright as I haven't heard that either one of you has had to stay home from school--which makes you very happy doesn't it because I'm sure neither one of you would like to miss school and besides being sick wouldn't be so nice either.

    Well, darlings, grandma has a lot of work to do today so I better say thanks again for your pretty pictures and I'll be looking for more so with God's blessings on you all always,

I am as always,

your loving + lonesome