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Mentioned in letters 9-9-1932 Wachdorfs; 9-30-1932 Irene; 11-4-1932 Irene. Letter with photos of visit to Calif: 1954 Mar 1; 1955 Jan 10; 1955 Jan 15; 1955 Apr 1 Irene; 1955 July 30; 1955 Aug 8 (about his son getting hit by car); 1955 Oct 6 Irene; 1956 Aug 31 Irene; 1956 Oct 18 Irene (also mentions his sons); 1956 Oct 20; 1956 Nov 9 (Bunk & sons in fishing competition); 1957 Jan 2 (visit with daughters); 1957 Jan 26 (his football injuries); 1957 Apr 3 Char; 1957 July 25 (visit to CA with new daughter and family), 1957 Aug 28 (only mentions daughter M),  1960 Feb 13 Irene (about his young daughter), 1960 Nov 16 Irene, 1960 Nov 29 Irene, 4-11-1967 Irene4-13-1967 Art

Letter by his daughter at age 16: 1966 Jan 31 Bunky's


Francis John Wachdorf

mostly called Frank or Bunky



  1910-Edward Wachdorf Jr.

  1912-Irene H. Wachdorf

  1915-Arthur Wachdorf

  1917-Harry Wachdorf

  1919-Jerry Wachdorf

  1926-Larry Wachdorf

  1929-Dolores Wachdorf


married 7-29-1944


Virginia "Jinny" Rose 




Susan Jane

2 surviving sons

3 surviving daughters




Bunky also called Frank

Bunky's parents:

Edward Wachdorf


Irene Pfleger

Jinny's parents:

Grover Rose


Lois Bartholomew

His maternal grandparents:

John Pfleger & Maria Grimm


His paternal grandparents:

Anton Wachdorf & Anna Klein


His maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1878-Henry Pfleger & Louise; 1880-Oscar Pfleger & Annie; 1883-Lou Pfleger & Gert; 1884/5-Dell Pfleger & Harry Wachdorf


His paternal aunts & uncles:

1883-Clara Roster & Henry; 1884-Kitty Hochertz & Tony; 1886-Harry H. Wachdorf & Dell; 1892-Joseph Wachdorf & Jessie; 1895-Lettie Myers & Harvey; 1897-Mae Wachdorf; 1899-Frances Stevens & Frank; 1902-Madge Wachdorf


His great-grandparents: Frank Grimm & Katerina Lukner

Jean Pfleger & Katharina Walter

John Klein & Christina Alberg

(Wachdorf ancestors unknown)

His great-great-grandparents & more in Pfleger Family tree


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Little Bunky and oldest brother Ed

as an altar boy at St. Martin's

two shots leaning on (I think) his Grandma Wachdorf's fence

Bunky with an unknown date

probably his senior portraits

Bunky is 2nd from right and Cardinal Stritch is in the center, others unknown, occasion unknown

5-24-1941 Bunky on the left and Art Plaehn on the right, on wedding day of Jerry Wachdorf & Charlotte Plaehn

Bunky on the right, not sure of bridesmaid

Bunky on the far left, Jerry on the far right, at wedding of their cousin George Pfleger. Anybody remember the bride's name?

Harry on the left and Bunky on the right, looking dapper

back row from left: Dolores, Ed Jr, Harry, Bunky. Front row: Ed's kids, Irene, Jerry's wife Charlotte, Ed's wife Marge

from left: Harry, Char, Millie & Dick Heagberg, Irene & Art, Ed & Marge, Bunky (photo courtesy of Dick Heagberg)

July 1944 wedding portrait

from left: Bunk's brother Larry & ??, Bunky & Jinny, ?? & Bunk's brother Ed Jr

July 1944, Jinny's father, Bunky's mother, brother & father, en route to their wedding

Bunk's mother, Jinny, Bunk, Bunk's father, and Larry on the edge

fr left: Char & Jerry, Millie & Dick Heagberg, Justy & Harry, Jinny's brother Grover & date, Jinny & Bunky

2-22-54 in Anaheim on visit to his parents

his sons, his mother Irene, his wife Jinnie at Capistrano 2-22-1954

From his mother's baby calendar: Francis John Wachdorf was born Friday afternoon at 15 minutes to four. Godparents John Pfleger and Marie Traut. (Son of her brother, Oscar Pfleger, and daughter of her brother, Lou Pfleger.) (Note: Friday's child is loving and giving. Note also: all of Irene's children except Larry and Dolores were born at home.)

1930 census, 334 W. 54th St.:

Edward J. Wachdorf owns home value $6000, has a radio. 41, married at 21, occupation: agent for Sinclair Refinery.

Wife Irene, 42, married at 21.

Son Edward, 19, shipping clerk

daughter Irene, 17, doing bookkeeping for a stationary company

son Arthur, 15, no occupation

son Henry, 12

son Gerald, 10

son Francis, 7

son Lawrence, 4

daughter Dolores, 11 months

sister-in-law Adele Wachdorf (no longer Pfleger), age 45, married at 40 (though husband Harry Wachdorf is living down the street with his parents), occupation: seamstress for Dept. Store.


Cook County IL marriage license, groom Francis J. Wachdorf, age 21 and bride Virginia Rose of La Grange, age 22, married 7-29-1944 in St. Martin's rectory.

Bunky is the one said to have told the school principal that the reason his children were late for school was because there was an elephant blocking the driveway.