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By Edward Wachdorf Sr

carbon of a typed letter marked at end, "Copy of Dick and Eds"

Dick = Dick Heagberg, formerly wed to deceased daughter Irene

Ed = Edward Wachdorf Jr, his son

Dolores = daughter, names of son & new son removed

Mrs. Baldwin = Carrie Baldwin, friend from IL

Richard = probably Dick Heagberg, see above

Eleanor = could be Eleanor Pfleger Wilson or Eleanor Cahill?

Harry = son

Bunk = son Frank

Johnny Foltz = neighbor




Jan 15th 1955


Der moment have approached, der comes the letter, which was a threat und now a reality. Everything comes to dem that wait. But then the old saying is, who wants to wait. I better state that or we might be penalized next, heaven forbid. Got the rest of the letters off yesterday, so now I'm caught up and leave that dilatory habit behind.

    Guess by now, every one feels rested up after the holiday season and can get back into normal strides again. Even Dolores is back in step once again and is doing fine, so we are told. We even talked to them the day of the raising of the new son. What a horizon to look forward to for them, even if he can only match with with nixnutz B**.

    We are back to normal. Our tree is down and destroyed, lights and balls packed away and even Larry is through by now, playing with his new toys. He gets tired of trains and blocks so quick and resorts to solitaire and reading digest. Mom bought him a new deck of cards for Xmas as the old ones were just that. He also enjoys his records and came home the other night with envelopes of new ones, some of which sound like the cat on the back fence and he calls that art. Better he should listen to the records from home with that famous tenor, RICHARD, or that giggler Eleanor. With Harry having acquired that new fandangle tape recorder, where do we fit from now on? Better keep that old machine for recording records with familiar voices and noises. At least we can turn them on and be back home, temporary at least or make believe of something.

    Larry has a new friend now. Johnny Foltz with his teen age bride, and he only 18 too. I suppose by now the whole episode has unfolded itself as Bunk and family met them out here and probably has you up to date on what happened. As I was saying, Larry and Johnny go out bowling, playing buckets of balls at the driving course, and tackling ping pong. Oh yes, away from home or the place would be wrecked. He has shattered a few things with his practicing driving indoors.

    Some day even the walls will collapse with that vibrant resonant voice of his. It was bad enough when he was imitating the seals but since he has found the range through those records he buys, he's a Tyrolean yodeler, trying to shame Toscanini. We have very understanding neighbors or we would have been reported long ago. The way he contorts masters in the bathroom at all hours of the day or night, you can realize how benevolent people can be if they know he is just moderately mentally deranged or on the verge. When he has the floor, we might just as well sit down. Literally speaking, he occupies the whole floor, even the ceiling looks down on him with awe. He has a repertoire that I think also amuses him, not mentioning his audience, who are held spellbound, or hog tied.

    One night last week he volunteered to a treat, suggesting a little game of pinochle. Mom and I being in the groove, accepted his invitation and played for a few chips. He cleverly attempted to circumvent our knowledge of the game, but at the finish he was the defeated conqueror and Mom and I pocketed the spoils. Has not mentioned it since or is silently biding his time and building up his fortitude to have another fling at his skill or try to satiate his hidden desire, CONQUEST. It took him a long time to challenge our superiority and still longer to try the same attack but he never gives up or shouts TIMBER, which means I'm failing.

    He and Harry are having a contest in letter writing that should end up with a knock out for both of them, if they survive that long. Now it's Greek and next probably Latin. He gets the biggest kick out of any letter that comes his way and enjoys them immensely. Wish more of you would try to emulate Harry as you know he has this typewriter now so you can understand what he is writing without a consultation with an interpreter.

    The garden is lying dormant now with a few things still surviving. Some roses are still in bloom with the lilies giving them a race. Our orange is still on the tree and the carnations are trying desperately to get mention. Also some geraniums still in blossom with a few Mums, also a few cactus plants are in bloom with the prettiest purple flowers, also some yellow ones. Outside of that we can close up the garden for this year. Poinsettas refused us this year and the Camelias. Looks like I have also been victorious with the weeds as they are getting rarer each picking.

    Expect Mrs. Baldwin out here soon. She has written to Mom, asking if she could spend some time with her and as usual, Mom could not say no. Last letter she wanted to know if she should fly, use train or bus?

    It's getting to the bottom of this sheet and that's enough sheets for this time so tinks I that the end has come and for me to sign off. Love from all of us to you

Mom--Dad & Larry

A copy of Dicks & Eds


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