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By Harry Wachdorf to his sister Dolores

relationships in italics are where names have been removed

mentions his son, daughter, and nephew


January 17, 1955

Dear Parents:

    I couldn't help writing the verse for here you two are attacking my nephew even before he's old enough to speak for himself. He's like the weather, just give him a few weeks... he'll change...and it's always for the better too. We were going to take a trip out your way yesterday to see the new arrival but both my daughter and son have colds; hers is leaving, his is starting. Then too, my daughter had a little bladder infection last week and we had to take her to the doc's for she had to piddle every hour on the hour both night and day. It was painful too, but some medicine cleared it up over Friday and Saturday. First chance we get when we are all healthy we will journey out to see the new baby in the fabulous forests of Nottingham on the Des Plaines.

Luv'n kisses from

me and my Mrs.



You know how boys are, they don't care

If they don't look their best

They're not concerned with beauty

But with how to be a pest.

He cares not for your comments

He has comfort on his mind;

His face is no big problem for

That's one thing he's behind.

Just let him grow in homely peace

Don't comment on his looks

For time is swift in passing and

Before he gets to books

He'll bear a close resemblance to

His parents, you and Les,

Then how will you explain it if

You think he looks a mess.

Just dig into your photographs

The ones you keep from view;

your homely red-faced baby ones;

SEE...he looks just like YOU.


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