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By Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


names of grandchildren removed

Mentioned besides her husband and son Larry:

Dolores = her daughter, wife of Les

Mrs. Baldwin = Carrie Baldwin, friend from Chicago

Carolyn: daughter of Carrie Baldwin, friend of Dolores



Lawndale -- Feb 9 -- 1955


Dear Dolores

    Haven't heard from anyone for so long am wondering if anything is wrong with any of you. How are you and the new little J and how are Les and little B? Have been thinking of you all so much lately that I just couldn't rest anymore until I found out if anyone was sick of if the new baby is something like B was, keeping you up night + day with colic.

    For the last 2 weeks we have been going here and there showing Mrs. Baldwin some of California and she thinks it is beautiful, was even going to buy a home here but the girls wrote and kind of talked her out of it she is going to Chicago from here and then later on back to Carolyn in Virginia, she looks wonderful although she had a very serious operation last October and is still a little nervous but otherwise operation was very successful.

    She brought me a very beautiful house coat--blue nylon quilted, 2 pairs nylon hose, a beautiful street dress, a gorgeous rhinestone necklace and three beautiful cameo scatter pins also a lovely tie for Dad + Larry she is forever buying something and I told her before long she would be standing on the corner with dark glasses and a tin cup.

    Well honey please drop us a few lines real soon so we will know all is well and I'll write you a real long letter the next time--we are getting ready to go to Farmer's Market today and so I'll say toodle oo with loads of love + kisses from your ever loving--Mom + family, to all of you from all of us--

PS Find out why no one else is writing too--we are just worrying about it-haven't had a word from anyone for over two weeks

Love Mom

Can't wait until I see the new baby


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