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By Edward Wachdorf Sr

carbon of typed letter, hand marked CC Jinny + Harry


those mentioned besides his wife and son Larry include:

Mrs. Carrie Baldwin, neighbor from Chicago

her daughter Laura

His sisters, probably Mae & Madge, though he does not say the names

daughter-in-law Jinny (wife of Bunky/Frank)

son Harry

Ida Wilson, neighbor from Chicago who I think was also mother of Bob Wilson, thus mother-in-law of Irene Wachdorf's niece Eleanor Pfleger Wilson (daughter of Oscar Pfleger)

Grants, formerly of Chicago, then of Ingleside, more acquaintances than friends by the sound of it


Sunday Feb. 13th 1955


Dear Ones;

    Four (4) Fore, guess that's enough to let you know that I am back on the course again. This morning, Mrs. Carey Baldwin left for Chicago after a three weeks so-journ at our place. She arrived on Jan 23rd via American and returned today via T/W/A after a slight conversion. Not having a return round trip ticket it was an easy task to get her to see the right way and travel the best. She went out on flight 22 Sky Tourist which will arrive in Chicago at 3:40 P.M. or as I am writing this she is probably back there, snow and all.

    Before I could write to you I had to chase out and buy some carbon paper as we were all out and believe me I drove only a few blocks to the Sav-On and actually perspired freely, trickling down my face instead of freezing there. I am not rubbing it in you know, just jostling with the sun instead of with icicles. We are having good balmy weather now with the temp hovering around the eighties.

    Been that way all the time she was here which was rather enjoyable driving as I had to show her the dear old state, some 1500 miles. Made the usual round circle all around the town, Palm Springs, Indio, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Tijuana Mexico and many others too numerous to mention.

    Believe she had a good time seeing the sights and getting a much needed rest away from the kids. She was worse than a two year old for glamour, just figured she had to run into every movie star there is or was. But I guess they don't sit around on corners waiting to autograph books.

    I am pooped out from being on the go and we deserve a few days rest now to catch up on our vitamins. Mom was in her glory having an old crony to fraternize with again and sit down to breakfast talking to her instead of four walls, as I sleep until 10AM daily and later on Sundays. Larry is out early so she is a lone wolf at the table. On some of the long trips which required more time, I would join them at breakfast and be on the way at eight A.M. to all points east and south.

    She brought out some new names to look up, one being Grann or known to us as Grants, who lived at Ida Wilson's house, across the street from our house on 58th street. We went to see them and found them out, so we left a note, giving our phone and address. That night we got a call from them, saying they would look us up as long as Baldwin was here as she lived in the same building if you remember. They were here on Sat. 2/12th and stayed about four hours. Had a very pleasant visit with them and renewed old time memories. They have lived here for 8 yrs just north of us in Inglewood if you recall where that is?

    The other one is renting Mrs. Baldwin's house in Chicago near her daughters house south near my sisters home. We drove out to see them at Vista, close to Oceanside. That ought to ring a bell with you, Jinny.

    We will be caught up on our rest in a few days and all prepared against for another pleasant visit if anyone cares to take up our challenge. Mrs. Baldwin can be reached through her daughter Laura or at probably my sisters house for any info you might be looking for or maybe just gossip.

    Meant to do my pruning but had to put it off till now, so from now on for a few days, twigs will be flying and roses snipped off to make room for bigger and better ones for later on. Our entire lawn is as tan as desert sand through frost which has all lawns looking rather sadly. You now when haughtiness exalts, nature scorns and has them clamoring for mercy, so lawns are humbled to sands, or sands appearances. Even the lilies have a blight this year. In case you know now, we had a somewhat rough winter. Oh yes, but not so tough like yours. Also our rainy season pooped out too soon, so the usual downpours were relegated to showers under control.

    Now that you know we are back to normal and we hope we are forgiven for our laxity in corresponding, we humbly submit our apologies and beg your indulgence again. Please write after we have given cause for our end of the bargain.

Love to all

Mom, Dad & Larry


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