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By Edward Wachdorf Sr


both cover essentially the same stuff, second details outrage at Larry

1st is carbon of typed letter, hand marked "cc Dolores + Dick"

2nd is carbon of typed letter, handmarked "cc Ed + Art." Click here to jump to it


People mentioned besides wife Irene Pfleger Wachdorf:

sons Art & Ed

daughter Dolores

former son-in-law Dick Heagberg

Mrs. Baldwin = Carrie Baldwin, friend from Chicago

neighbor Johnny Foltz & his wife Jean Cassello Foltz & John's uncle Frank Vrzak


Wed. feb. 16th 1955


Dear Ones;

    Yes back on the job after a three weeks vacation period we spent with Mrs. Baldwin out here. Had her just about around the circuit, traveling some1500 miles over yon and thither. She actually raved like some glamour babe. Verbatim. Oh, Irene isn't this just grand, oh I never saw anything like this before, it's simply out of this world. Just look at this scenery, isn't it gorgeous, oh my it's breath-taking. One day you are in the mountains and the next in the orange groves, it's simply grand.

    Now you have a fair idea of listening to horse radish spread on thick.

    Anyway glad that's over with, just another one of your Mom's cronies. Mom got a kick out of having some one at breakfast table to help her chew bacon with, or should I say just plain fat.

    This week it's stay in the garden to catch up on excusable procrastination. Today its been raining, driving me indoors to catch up on my delayed writing, or should I say answering. Had to prune 35 rose bushes and did I bring in a bundle of nice roses for Mom to spread around the house. It was cut them or leave them and the answer was cut. I am a little late now as the others are done with theirs. Was to San Juan Capistrano on our trip and noticed they had all their bushes pruned and were trimming out all the other bushes.

    Another blessing of the rain is that it saves me a sprinkling job as we had no rain for weeks now, in fact over a month. I think we are up a little on you for weather. Been viewing some of your storms and snow over T.V. and noticed you are not being cheated. Oh well, we will forgive your selfishness for the time, enjoying that nice white sow and slippery driving etc. It has been crowing weather we have been experiencing at nights had some frost by gosh [about four words are lost off top of page at this point] here looking like the desert, all nice and tan from frost bite. Days have been extra fine with temp in the 70s & 80s, just right for working and driving in shirt sleeves. Mom is getting her shorts out again for a walk about the beaches soon. Sunday people were in bathing at the beaches.

    Wrote a letter to Art and Ed about Larry's latest venture. You should have no worry about hearing about it as I am sure they will pass the news along as it was too good to hold in. Then you can all try and solve Mom's and my dilemma. That cute little ground mole. As soon as he sticks his nose out it's trouble for us, he's got another scheme cooked up and ready to serve. That's why we are both so contented and happy--he is driving us that way. We just about get used to his latest when he up and serves us a new dish. His bedroom is in reach of the peach trees and summer is coming and he will have new ideas as to what nice, big round peaches are for. He'll get up some morning, reach for his driver, and POW there goes our peach crop. One never knows who or what is going to catch it next. He has his Mom always yelling, Oh Larry stop that as she gets up with the chair tied to her back or she loses her apron altogether. Good thing he don't find how to untie her ---- or she would be mortified.

    Since Johnny has parked at Frank's he has the wife going nuts. He tells Johnny never to let a woman boss him around and not get started young but train them early. He takes him out evenings for ping pong, pool and putting practice. If she don't divorce Johnny it won't rest in Larry's lap, he's trying his darnedest.

    Let's hear from all of you now that I have led the way and got back in stride. When you're penned in due to weather, writing is the best pastime, so come on

Love from all of Us

Mom--Larry & Dad


Second letter, same date (cc Ed & Art)

Dear Ones:

    I got a respite from pruning by inclement weather, raining a little too hard for me to be risking my health out in the rain.

    Mrs. Baldwin was our guest for the past three weeks, leaving Sunday 13th for Chgo. Don't mind saying that it had me stepping. I drove her around here for 1500 miles, keeping her going all the while and incidentally giving Mom and I a refresher on the sights around. Did not have a chance to write as you can see, so I am now trying to catch up on this and also my garden. Been out pruning rose bushes for the two days and started today but was driven indoors by the Chgo weather which slipped by somehow and got out here. It was however welcome as it saves me from sprinkling.

    Just got a helluva surprise package from May Co. dept. store. Larry goes out and guys a ping pong table at a cost of $46.75--4 1/2 ftx10ft.  Where in the devil are we going to live? About the only place it will fit to be of any service will be in the parlor and Mom has already sealed it off so he can't get in to even try it out for fit. He bought it for the den and its way too big for that room unless we knock out the walls and the closets, not saying anything of stripping it of all furniture. But who cares, not Master Larry. He let us know in advance that it was coming today but forgot to mention he was taking possession of the house in its entirety.

    Another solution is the garage. He might make me store my car uptown and put in light fixtures and a cooler, but shy should that worry Larry. It's just possible he bought if for mother for her birthday. Mom has learned the Mambo since it arrived, dancing around here, wringing her hands and moaning so loud that the neighbors thought I was abusing her. Can't wait until Larry arrives to see if a frying pan will fit around his dome.

    Mom was across the way this A.M. and had a chat with Jeanie and was informed that Larry had invited Johnny and her over tonight for a nice game. Not bad enough of him tearing around the floor and carpets, but he has to have help, and is Johnny wild. Don't know how his wife can take it as already she is commencing to put on weight especially in one place.

    Me thinks personally the the darn thing will have to out on the patio, and if it does, there goes my favorite place. And I suppose he will have awning up to stop the ball from leaping fro and thataway. It took two men to carry it in off the truck so it might take new supports for the house to keep it from sinking into the basement. Don't know what it looks like but its all bound up in corrugated paper and steel bands, too big for me to tackle. Even Mom is not too nosey to see what it looks like so you can measure the gloom around here for the moment.

    I just know my swell lawn is going to be next for a putting course or probably a few bunkers with sand traps. He has already beaten up all Mom's throw rugs and carpets for practicing slamming. He just imagines a ball is there and POW there goes Mom's carpet across the yard and is acting as a drape for the next doors fence. He tried it indoors until he nearly scared the shirt off Mom. From now on, this old house ain't going to be no more, we'll have holes instead of floors, windows, doors and electric light bulbs all gone, all because of the kids ping pong. I can just about see us at the table in the kitchen and next see a ball that's been slapped come ricocheting into someone's puss just about the time the mouth is open to admit some rare morsel of Avocado all smeared with dressing and have you think you are eating it with the shell on.

    Such is life in dear old California so no use ranting and fussing it's got to be. Next episode later.

Love from all of us

Mom--Dad--'??what shallitbeLarry


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