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By Edward Wachdorf Sr to his daughter Dolores


besides wife & son Larry, talks only about his grandsons (names removed)

reference to snails is because B*** ate hard shelled bugs as a toddler, to delight of his grandfather ("Oh! He just ate another one!")


Dearest Ones,

    Giving the old typewriter a rest and getting back to puzzles. It's worse than a jigsaw or crossword. It's a real one, trying to figure out if Dad or Larry wrote this letter. It's a master piece of hieroglyphics. Mom prompted me in spelling so it must be right.

    Sounds like B*** is getting much better. As nix nusses go, he is in a class by himself, creating, dynamic, and a real he man. If energy counts, you should send him out here to Yucca Flats to lead our scientists with Atomic experiments. "Wow," if his little brother turns out that way what a proving grounds you will need. They won't even wait for ideal weather conditions. They'll blast under any and all weather. Won't need any new clear or maybe that's spelled wrong nuclear.

    If B*** can roast plastic now just think when he actually tests bubble gum, how we will travel through outer space with a new Zeppelin perfected by bubble gum B***, the world's greatest scientist.

    Just discovered some snails out here on our ferns as big as prunes, about an inch high + wide. What would B*** do trying to pop one of them in his mouth. Or better, what would happen to my salad box with a weeks' picking in it from the garden with some kitchen refuse that Mom refused to let the garbage disposer handle. Give him a few bottles of condiments and what a dressing we would have, "Chef-Boy-a-B***."

    Is the new man showing signs of aping? Is he individual and just biding his time? Follow the serial in sequence for later results. Some of these up coming youngsters don't like popularity until they actually have their Premier opening. Knowing B*** it's going to be hard sledding to outclass him as he is + was a fast starter with two twelve volt batteries with reserve power regardless of horse power. He can develop far more RPM than a Ford or General Motors combined. Too bad the parents did not go out for deluxe stream lines with a convertible top. He has all the other features, full wide vision, easy control steering, adjustable seat, very good upholstery, speed galore and fast on the turns, stability but no ability to stay put, always wanting to go faster + faster, what a model.

    All is fine and we are still hoping to see you all in dear old Cal soon if possible. No mail lately from you, too busy-busy-busy. Break that habit forming chain + keep the link connected. Until we fear from you we lovingly express our love from

Mom --Dad + Larry


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