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By Edward Wachdorf

handwritten in pencil (except date & "Dear Ones" written in pen)

people mentioned besides wife and son Larry:

grandsons (names removed) B*** & J*** (sons of Dolores)

Bunk, Jinny and clan : family of son Frank/Francis/Bunky

Mae = his sister, Mae Wachdorf

Lonie = believe that's his late brother Joe's daughter Leona Wachdorf


July 30th 1955


Tried pen but it's too slow. As Bunk + clan are pleasantly expected sometime today I had better get a short note off to allay anxiety. I have developed a serious affliction and it bothers me immensely. It's Lethargy or better known as lazy put it off trouble. I'll get over it in time but I wish it were easier. It's not a local disease as I notice it spread back home too. Letters are getting to be a premium from there too. Oh well, I guess everyone hates to write even though it only takes up a few hours or days or months.

    We both had a busy week getting things all prettied up + our nails polished to look our part for this day. I even done some painting to camouflage certain items, for instance, Mom's little kitchen stool. It's now a bright Chinese red instead of cauliflower green.

    I also keep up with my daily chores and keep a running start on the bees. This year they kinda resent my presence and want to play with me so I try to keep a step ahead of them by hop-skipping along and refuse their company. I don't want them to get too personal and brand me. I'll stay satisfied with their biz biz biz bizzing around, advising me that I am getting too close to their hunting grounds.

    I'll bet Bunk + Jinny keep you posted about our general health when they return, so suffice to say, all is going along as good as expected. Larry is bothered lately, comes home discontented from his golf games, says he is so ambitious to get in the 70s that he taps his putts a little light or heavy, results over or short. Mom tells him she can manages his shorts but is stumped by his overs.

    We hear about Mae from you all but how about Lonie? She was here too and no one can remember as we never hear  from her or about her.

    Wish we could bottle up some of our nice cool evenings and ship them back. We will keep our fog + haze as no one would care for them and nor do we.

    Some day we will take a good look at J*** and confirm your boastings and also get real chummy with B*** again. Keep the home first burning until then. It's time to go shopping so must say the usual

Love from al from

Mom -- Dad + Larry


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