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By Edward Wachdorf

carbon of typed letter, with handwritten comments at end by son Bunky

note that Edward Wachdorf's birthday was 8-8-1888


People mentioned besides wife and son Larry (and refers to himself as "Dad"):

son Bunk/Frank/FJ Wachdorf & wife Jinny

D***, M*** and Susie = some of Bunk & Jinny's kids

The Roses = Jinny's family

Johnny = John Foltz, friend of Larry's & nephew of neighbor

young man who hit D*** is not identified by name

Dolores/Boop = his daughter

Harry & Justy = his son and daughter-in-law

Note when he says "have things fairly licked" he is probably referring to his emphysema


August 8th 1955


Dear Ones;

    This date seems familiar to me and I believe you all remember it a little too.

    It's a bright and very pleasant day out here but today it is slightly on the gloomy side. Bunk, Larry and Johnny went out bowling last night, taking along M*** and D*** and D*** being the sheeny rag picker he is, missed no chances then of stacking up his grouch bag. So this time he was picking up old match folders for his mother and had his pockets stuffed. When they left the alley, that sounds appropriate D*** being in the alley spearing castaways, they had crossed the street and were getting into the car when D*** decided he had lost part of his loot and started running back in the street with his head down looking for his coveted treasure, when alas, clunk, he got it in the rear from a passing motorist, just some sore bruises. They had the ambulance, hospital and excitement. After four x-rays and some  patching up at the hospital, he was released with no serious consequences.

    Mom, Jinnie and myself watching television, wondering if they were going to make a night of it when in comes Bunk carry D*** with Larry leading the way, consoling us at every step, Don't worry, don't get excited, nothing to be worried about, explanations will follow, while we were busting out with cold chills. We soon had D*** tucked in bed as comfortable as possible with his guts still holding out. Bunk said he went flying through the air without a peep and still was that way all the time.

    The young fellow that hit him was of course blameless as he did not see him in time and D*** had his nose to the ground without a tail light lit at the time. Being a very considerate fellow, he was back at our house a little after to ascertain news from the accident after the examination. He was also back here this morning checking up again to see if he could be of any service.

    This morning he is a little sore and has to be helped around.

    Yesterday Sunday we had our birthday celebration meaning Susie and myself as hers falls on the 9th. We had a turkey dinner, trimmings complete and a cake. She got so many toys that this morning every place you step you get a ride, stepping on some contraption on wheels or some squeak from a baby doll who lost her mother.

    I suspect it's no use alarming the Roses, so let them find out directly from Jinnie when they arrive back home. This will temporarily upset our plans for sightseeing and keep us grounded for a while and give me this time for catching up on correspondence.

    Talked to Dolores and visitors Sunday. Harry and Justy were there when Dolores got her call through and we had the extreme pleasure of doubling up on conversations and hearing familiar voices again.

    Our plans to date are for a return visit to our home town about the latter part of August or the first part of September, if you have the town cooled off by that time. No sweltering like out here. We were to Indio last week and it was 105 and we barely perspired.

    Now that you have been briefed on current news, we will give the health report. Mom is holding up and seems to be feeling somewhat better but not entirely O.K. Larry still practicing golf and slowly progressing, nearing the 70s, always looking for suckers to take on, now working hard on Bunk to pay his way. Dad is always the tops, holding up on weight and getting browner daily. Have things fairly licked and cashing in on past efforts.

    I used to go around picking up the blades of grass that were clipped from moving, now Bunk and Jinnie bought me a classy broom rake to save my back and modernize me with my farming. Funny how old you get before discarding those mossback ideas and get up to date.

    We got so old, we even forgot how to raise children. Now we are taking a post graduate course and getting along fine if the kids can be a little tolerant while we are catching on as to how you do it. It's great to see who going to win the fight after a few rounds between the girls and the boys. Never can tell until the final bell, then we walk around picking up the pieces and taking parts. We must be competent to survive when we really meet the test with the balance of our grandchildren.

    As it is now getting time to hear the familiar call, soups on, I had better hurry or I eat what's left and besides it's nearly closing time for mail box as the last pick up will occur very shortly and this must be on its way so I can get a return bunch of letters. If I missed anything you can get posted when you again talk to our guests when they get back and really tell it the way they can by elucidation in colors. Who will be the next?


Love from all of us

Mom, Larry, Dad, Bunk, Jinnie and family


[added by hand] Boop--Knowing you are such a worry wart I will personally, writ by hand, inform you that Denny is tougher than any old or new ford, no foolin the little devil really got clobbered bu even joked in the hospital while they were checking him over--he had the nurses laughing when he said he would need help with the giant size bib (hospital gown)--FJ Wachdorf


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