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Names of current generations have been removed and replaced (in italics) with their relationship to Art.

Others mentioned:

the F. Wachdorfs=Art's brother Frank/Bunky

Irene's mother=Lottie Safranski



Card from Arthur Wachdorf to his sister Dolores


Card preprinted on front, "I baked you a rum cake for your birthday..." and inside, "and it (hic) was delishus (hic)."

    Too bad there was none left. I drank all except a few crumbs. Have a happy birthday.

    We received your letter and thanks for the cute birthday card. We hope to visit the Canadian Exposition about July 16 if we can get motel reservations. If we do, we will also stop for a visit with you and the F. Wachdorfs. If we are definitely coming, I'll let you know. I would want you to make motel reservations for us for one night in a motel near your place. There will be too many of us for you to accomodate Irene, me, our daughter, our grandchildren and Irene's mother. However, we will sponge a meal or two from you.


Bake a rum cake for me.

Love & kisses,

Irene and Art


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