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From Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter Dolores

People mentioned:

sons Larry & Jerry (and Jerry's kids)

daughters-in-law Char & Jinny

granddaughter Barbara

neighbors Ruth & Leo Kelly, and Janet King





Loves kisses and hugs to all

God Bless you


Dear Ones:


    Just a few lines to let you know we are O.K. here. I am alone right now and have been for the last week. Jerry, Larry, Char and the kids took off for Sacramento last Wed AM to live + fish + learn to water ski on and from a house boat. Haven't heard a word from them + said they were coming home as of yesterday but so far we haven't heard or seen them.

    I wish you could have seen them when they took off they were so loaded down with everything. Jerry said you couldn't even put a deck of cards either in the trunk or car one by one. They had to take bedding, pillows, blankets, towels, dish towels or wash cloths, detergents, food, fishing equipment, extra clothes to wear. Well Char couldn't even take her wig along which she spent a couple hours curling + setting the night before. They were all sitting on pillows as they had to take 5 or so along when they left here and they were packed tighter than a sardine can.

    I wish they would hurry up and get home as Jerry and Char have to leave for home Friday night and I'm sure they will be washing for at least 2 days unless they wash all night.

    Ruth comes over here and I call her at 5 min to 6 so she can go home + make Leo's breakfast + lunch.

    Honey I wrote and asked Jinny to send me 2 lettuce crispers from Tupperware as I want to give one to Barbara and one to Janet for their birthdays so if possible could you manage to get my underwear over to Jinny and maybe she could send it with the crispers. I told her to sent it to the airport so we can pick it up there--as that's what she did with my coat.

    Hope you are all O.K. and that you enjoyed Canada very much. Maybe you can send the plates with it too.


Love and thanks and God Bless you



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