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Paper Trail (census, sister-in-law's baby book, death certificate)

Letters (more to be added): briefly mentioned 1955 Feb 13 & 1955 Apr 1 Irene; 1956 Aug 1 Irene; 1957 June 5; her breast cancer discussed 1969 Feb 5 Harry


Magdalen "Madge" Wachdorf

8-16-1902 to 5-11-1989



  1883-Clara Roster

  1884-Kitty Hochertz

  1886-Harry H. Wachdorf

  1888-Edward Wachdorf

  1892-Joseph Wachdorf

  1895-Lettie Myers

  1897-Mae Wachdorf

  1899-Frances Stevens


also called







No children

but Mae & Madge

took in their brother

Joe's daughters, Ruth and Leona,

when the girls came out of the orphanage

her parents:

Anton Wachdorf


Anna Klein

She never married

lived with her sister Mae

Her maternal grandparents:

John Klein and Christina Alberg Klein


Her paternal grandparents: unknown

Her maternal aunts & uncles:

Mary Klein Falkenthal & Charles, Henry Klein, Catherine (Sr. Mary Anthony), Christina Klein Lehman & George, George Klein & Laura

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The littlest one is probably Madge with (left to right) Harry, Fran, Joe and Ed

Madge (see photo on Fran's page of Fran dressed the same, also with a bouquet)

Madge at communion or confirmation with unknown smaller girl

Midge in the center between her mother Anna and her sister Kitty, with Kitty's sons Eddie & Tony and Clara's daughter, Celia Roster

Madge in the center with her mother Anna Klein Wachdorf on the right and probably her brother Joe's wife Jessie on the left. Kids unknown.

This might be Madge with Lettie dolled up in matching outfits for something. Bridesmaids? Easter? Not at all sure it's Madge, though

Madge (shorter) and Mae, probably 1916

Madge 2nd from left with (from left) sister-in-law Irene and sisters Mae and Clara (photo courtesy of Joe's granddaughters, Shirley and Laurie)

Mae, probably niece Leona, and Madge

August 1954 from left Mae, Madge, their nephew's wife Marge Kary Wachdorf, and nephew Ed Wachdorf in Tijuana on visit to bro Edward in California

1962 maybe Clara, Fran, Lettie, Kitty & Tony, May, Madge, a relative of Kitty's

Madge and her niece Leona (Joe's daughter) around 1985

Madge, her niece Dolores (Edward's daughter), her niece Leona (Joe's daughter), and Justina Wachdorf (wife of her brother Edward's son Harry)

Madge's mass card

Paper Trail


1910 census, Chicago Ward 31, District 1338, 316 W. 58th St.

Anton Wachdorf, age 45, in 1st marriage 25 yrs, column for immigration year says "?", naturalized, engineer--bridge co

wife Anna, age 45, mother of nine of whom 9 are living

daughter Catherine, age 25, packer--Stone Bros.

son Henry, age 23, chauffeur--automobile (Harry)

son Joseph G, age 17, messenger--railroad

daughter Coletta, age 14

daughter "Mary" A, age 11 (Mae)

daughter Frances B, age 9

daughter Magdalena, age 7


1920 census, Chicago Ward 31, District 1896, 316 W. 58th Street (owned)

Anton Wachdorf, age 58, immigrated 1863, naturalized 1882, elect. eng--Electric Bridge

wife Anna, age 58

daughter Coletta, age 23, packing--jewelry house

daughter "Mary," age 22, bookkeeper--jewelry house (Mae)

daughter Frances, age 20, packer--jewelry house

daughter Madeline, 17, steno--(illegible)


1926 she was made godmother of her nephew, Larry Wachdorf, by her sister-in-law's baby book


1930 census, Chicago Ward 17, Block 51, 316 W. 58th Street (owned, not rented, valued at $4000, with radio)

Anton Wachdorf, age 68, married at 21, immigrated 1866, naturalized, engineer--bridge

Wife Anna, age 68, married at 21

Grand-daughter Coletta, age 15, born IL (Joe's daughter)

daughter "Mary," age 32, general office--novelty co. (Mae)

daughter Magdalen, age 27, stenographer--Chicago Motor Co

son Henry, age 42, married at 37, auto mechanic--auto shop (Harry, whose wife Dell is with her sister at 334 W. 58th)


Death certificate

Madeline Wachdorf, died 5-11-1989, age 86 at last birthday, born 8-16-1902 in Chicago, never married. Occupation: Secretary for Motor Club. Residence: 8100 South Harlem Avenue, Bridgeview, inside city of Chicago. Father: Anthony Wachdorf. Mother: Anna Marie Klein. Informant's name: Lorraine Cameron, niece, of 5687 W. Higgins, Chicago. Cause of death: cerebrovascular accident due to or as a consequence of arterosclerotic heart disease. Hour of death: 9:40 P.M. , burial St. Mary.