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Much of this information was provided by Jean Schudt who graciously shared her Falkenthal family tree.

Maria Christina "Mary" Klein Falkenthal

1-17-1859 to 1940



 1861-Anna Klein

 1863-Henry Klein


 1871-Christina Klein Lehman

 1876-George Klein

 plus five who did not live



Catherine became


Mary Anthony Klein

a nun of the

Poor Clare Colettine


Santa Barbara Mission

married 9-12-1894


Charles Falkenthal

his first wife was Lizzie Maus




  1884-George H.*

  1886-John Louis*

  1888-Bill Falkenthal*


1895-infant died same day

1896 Clara (died 1897)

1898-Coletta Falkenthal Eck


*children of Charles Falkenthal & Lizzie Maus, who became Mary's by marriage when the boys were ages 6 to 13.




Her parents:

John H. Klein


Christina Alberg

his parents:

Charles L. Falkenthal & Apolonia Koch

Her Klein grandparents:

unknown of Germany


Her Alberg grandparents:

maybe Georg & Claudia Alberg

Her paternal aunts & uncles are not known. If the Christiana Alberg who entered the US in 1850 on the Peter Hattrick is the same as our Christina Alberg, then her Alberg aunts and uncles included Nicolas & wife Magdalena, another Magdalena, Heinrich/Henry, and perhaps Maria (Linwood) & Johann. Best I can tell, only Henry remained in the US

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c. 1936, all labeled, see next for same without label

Mary Klein Falkenthal in white, with her sister, Anna Klein Wachdorf, c. 1930

close up of Mary and Anna

School photo with Bill Falkenthal labeled (and his stepcousin, Edward Wachdorf)

Mary's son, Bill Falkenthal, with bride Theresa Valentine Hannapel

Mary first shows up at age 1 in Chicago's 1860 census, though the name is spelled Kline. In the 1880 census she is still living with her parents (Kline again, instead of Klein), working as a milliner. In the 1900 census, however, John and Christina Klein are living in one flat at 5809 Princeton, and the other is being rented by Chas. Falkenthal. According to the census he was born Sept. 1858, and married Mary in 1894.

A side note: Mary's daughter Coletta married Edward Eck, the son of Christian Eck and Margaret Merten. Margaret's sister was Catherine Merten Bornhofen, whose daughter Gert married Lou Pfleger, the brother of Mary's nephew (and Coletta's cousin) Ed Wachdorf (son of Anna Klein & Anton Wachdorf). In other words, Mary's daughter married her sister's son's wife's brother's mother-in-law's sister's son.

Another side note: Mary's stepson, Bill Falkenthal, was a school friend of Ed Wachdorf as well as a step-cousin.

Obituary for firstborn son, Charles Francis, 3-27-1905: Falkenthal, Charles F., March 25, age 23 years, 7 months, beloved son of Charles and Mary Falkenthal, brother of George, John, William, and Coletta Falkenthal. Funeral Tuesday, March 28, at 9:30 o'clock, from late residence, 5809 Princeton-av, to St. Martin's church, thence by carriages to St. Boniface cemetery.