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information for the Falkenthal line graciously provided by Jean Schudt.

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Coletta Christina Falkenthal Eck

5-13-1898 to 1-25-1965



By Lizzie Maus:


  1884-George H.

  1886-John Louis

  1888-Bill Falkenthal

  1890-Freddie M

              died 1890

  1892-Clarence John

              died 1892


By Mary Klein:


              died same day

1896 Clara Appolonia

              died 1897





Edward Eck



  1934-Meri Colette

(married name Widden)








her parents:

Charles Falkenthal


Mary Klein

Edward's parents:

Christian Eck


 Margaret Merten

her paternal grandparents:

Charles Ludwig Falkenthal

 & Apolonia Koch


her maternal grandparents:

John H. Klein & Christina Alberg

Her paternal uncles and aunts:

1861-William Falkenthal & Frances; 1867-George Falkenthal & Amelia; 1874-John Falkenthal & Matilda


Her maternal aunts & uncles

: 1861-Anna Klein Wachdorf & Anton (their son Edward Wachdorf was Bill's friend as well as cousin); 1863-Henry Klein; 1867-Catherine (Mother Mary Anthony Klein); 1871-Christina Klein Lehman & George; 1876-George Klein & Laura.


According to Jean Schudt's information, her great-grandfather, Charles (Carl) Ludwig Friedrich Fakenthal, was born 2-10-1835 in Demmin, Pomerin, Prussia and died 6-17-1898 in Chicago. Charles' grandmother, Apolonia Eveline Koch Falkenthal, was born 4-28-1837 in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, and died 6-28-1899 in Chicago. They are buried in Rosehill cemetery

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think it's Coletta on the left and her mother in white. Third photo has all labeled.

Now she's on the right. Presume she's holding Meri (born 1934). Next is same with labeling

same as previous, with labels

Ed Eack cropped from Bornhofen's 50 (see below gallery for link to see full photo)

her father-in-law, Christian Eck from same

her mother-in-law Margaret Merten Eck from same

The full photo of the 1929 wedding anniversary gathering featuring Coletta's husband, in-laws, etc, click here: Bornhofen's 50th.

1900 census, Chicago Ward 30, Princeton Ave (in a two flat with John and Christina Klein): Chas Falkenthal, age 41, born Sept 1858 in IL of parents born in Germany, 6 years in present marriage, gas machine maker (not sure of "gas"). Wife Mary Falkenthal, age 41, born Jan. 1859 in IL of parents born in Germany, mother of three of whom one is surviving. Daughter "Coleta" Falkenthal, age 2, born May 1898. Son George Falkenthal, age 15, born July 1884 in IL. Son John Falkenthal, age 12, born Sept 1887 in IL. Son William Falkenthal, age 10, born Dec. 1889 in IL. (All sons "at school.")

1910 census, Chicago, Ward 31, Princeton Ave (Lundquists are now in the other flat): Chas Falkenthal, age 52, in second marriage for 15 years, machinist--shop. Wife Mary, 50, in first marriage for 15 years, mother of three, one living. John Falkenthal, age 23, clerk--bank. William Falkenthal, 21, clerk--railroad. "Coleta" Falkenthal, age 11.

1920 census, Chicago, 313 W. 58th st (a four flat, with the Lundquists again in one of the other flats): Charles Falkenthal,age 63, machinist. Wife Mary, 60. Daughter Colletta, age 21, stenographer.

Married 6-6-1922 in St. Martin church by Jean Schudt's information.

1930 census, Chicago, Vernon Ave.: Head of household Christian J. Eck, age 71, warden-forest preserve. Wife Margaret*, age 69. Son Edward J. Eck, age 40, married at 33, dentist in private practice. Daughter-in-law Colletta Eck, age 29, married at 22.

Obituary 11-9-1937: Charles Falkenthal, 257 W. 60th street; beloved husband of Mary Klein Falkenthal, fond father of George H., William J., and Mrs. Colette Eck, and the late Charles and John Falkenthal. Funeral Wednesday at 9 a.m. from funeral home, 6915 Wentworth avenue to St. Martin church. Interment at St. Boniface. Member of St. Martin branch, No. 470, C.K. of A.

connection: Coletta's mother, Mary Klein Falkenthal, was the sister of Anna Klein Wachdorf. On the other side, Coletta's husband was the son of Margaret Merten Eck, whose twin sister, Catherine Merten Bornhofen, was mother of Gert Bornhofen who married Lou Pfleger, whose sister, Irene Pfleger, married Edward Wachdorf, son Coletta's maternal aunt, of Anna Klein Wachdorf. In other words, she was Ed Wachdorf's cousin, and also his wife's brother's mother-in-law's sister's son's wife.