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Christina Klein Lehman

born April 1871



 1859-Mary Klein Falkenthal

 1861-Anna Klein

 1863-Henry Klein


 1876-George Klein

 plus five who did not live



Catherine became


Mary Anthony Klein

a nun of the

Poor Clare Colettine


Santa Barbara Mission

married c. 1894


George S. Lehman



the following are children of a George Lehman & Christina, not verified to be THE Lehmans









The Lehman family

(if I tracked the right one)

moved from Chicago

to Oregon


Her parents:

John H. Klein


Christina Alberg

his parents:

Her Klein grandparents:

unknown of Germany


Her Alberg grandparents:

maybe Georg & Claudia Alberg

Her paternal aunts & uncles are not known. If the Christiana Alberg who entered the US in 1850 on the Peter Hattrick is the same as our Christina Alberg, then her Alberg aunts and uncles included Nicolas & wife Magdalena, another Magdalena, Heinrich/Henry, and perhaps Maria (Linwood) & Johann. Best I can tell, only Henry remained in the US

As far as I know, I have no photos of Christina Lehman.

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Christina's older sisters, Mary (Falkenthal) and Anna (Wachdorf)

Christina's mother, Christina Alberg Klein

her mother's obituary, from which I got her married name

Having gotten Christina's married name from her mother's obituary, I worked back from that into the census. The 1900 census shows a Christina Lehman on W. 58th St. Since Anna Klein Wachdorf lived on W. 58th and the Kleins lived around the corner on Princeton, and this Christina was the right age, I presume it's the right Christina Lehman. That Christina is the one for whom the birth month of April can be picked up from the census.

If I have tracked the correct Christina, she married George Lehman in about 1894. In 1900 they lived on W. 58th, in Chicago, but in 1910 they are in Los Angeles (East Jefferson St.), and in 1920 and 1930 they are in Portland, Oregon (first renting 949 E. 15th St, then owning 1753 E. 19th St.). George, born January, 1871 in Illinois of German parents, is a stone cutter. Children: Christina C, born May 1895; Mary T, born Oct. 1897; Coletta M, born July 1899; Clara A, born c. 1901; Joseph G, born c. 1905; and Genevieve E, born c. 1909. Genevieve is listed on one census as born in Illinois and another as born in Chicago. In 1920 daughters Christina and Mary are no longer in the house, and Clara's occupation is office work--department store. In 1930 only Coletta is still at home, and lists her occupation as "chocolate dipper." There is a Genevieve Lehman of the right age in Oregon's 1930 census, working as a teacher in the Saint Boniface parish school, in the town of Sublimity, Oregon (Marion County).

The Oregon death index lists Lehman, George S. of Multnomah County (that's Portland), spouse "Christi," as having died March 17, 1953.